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Luke water-based ink cartons, carton packaging and rapid development of advantage

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-24
Carton packing than plastic, metal and so on is much more common in our daily life, what are the advantages of carton packaging? Water-based ink well in carton manufacturer to analysis the following: 1. It is a kind of can be recycled products, the current carton recovery more than 90% of the world, the effective use of resources plays a big role, it USES environmental protection water-based ink cartons, not volatilize harmful gas pollution of the environment in the process of printing, is worthy of the name of environmental protection packaging. 2. It has the decomposability of natural materials, so can be decomposed into soil after being discarded. 3. Carton is good buffer, protect the built-in objects from external shocks, with sealing. 4. The cartons are light in weight, and excellent physical properties, can according to the shape of the packaging of the built-in objects to design reasonable, and can save packing. 5. Carton can batch production, and high production machine automation, production efficiency is much higher than other packing, the carton is used in the production machine water-based ink to printing roller damage, computer color change can be cleaned with water, easy operation, low production cost. 6. Carton plasticity, can use cartons water-based ink for fine printing, advertising, sales promotion effect. City well chemical technology co. , LTD. Research and development production of the cartons in water-based ink is made from imported raw materials, environmental non-toxic, colorful, high gloss, waterproof resistance to friction, also have appropriate flexo printing viscosity, water-based ink is specially for carton printing.
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