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Luke water-based ink cartons, carton packaging industry commonly used several kinds of logo!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-07
Water-based ink well in carton manufacturers to introduce the carton packaging that is commonly used in several kinds of identity; Identify id: ( 1) Trade mark, is the specific mark of the goods, or export companies or foreign firms. Use triangle, diamond, square and round more simple graphics, with alternative Jane. ( 2) Commodity name and trademark, the cardboard boxes are water-based ink printing images and text, said significant printing position and color striking, chinese-foreign is commonly used in control. ( 3) Destination identity, are used to represent the goods destination name signs, names must be the full name in writing. Usually in the upper right corner cartons marked place of receipt. ( 4) Article number and quantity, used to indicate number of commodities, the article number of the goods in the cabinet. General county in chinese-foreign bilingual, English can also be abbreviated volume and weight, indicate the actual outer profile of each carton size, Long & times; Wide & times; High) And weight ( The net weight and gross weight) In order to transport department refer to these data to choose the mode of transportation. ( 6) Production factory and the national flag, indicate goods produce home, exports can use & other The People's Republic of China manufacturing & throughout; Or & other Made in China & throughout; , some items can show that product manufacturing provinces and cities, for example, & other; Throughout China, &; Are generally marked by chinese-foreign contrast. Indicator, according to the characteristics of the goods, for some easy breakage, damage and deterioration of product, in terms of handling, storage and keeping operation will use cartons water-based ink printed font id, such as up, well protected against dampness, handle with care, the lift, heat protection, antifreeze and other considerations. Defined identifier, usually used as a commodity package material or item to protect the outer material. Carton size change due to the size of the goods, the carton usually use water-based ink printed: handle with care, afraid of wet, upward, stacking limit, afraid of sun, moistureproof, quality safety, prohibit the rolling, do not trample on, pay attention to fire prevention, greening the environment, food, anti odor and other tips, protection from harm packed commodities. Luke environmentally water-based ink cartons water-based ink factory production is a special ink printing carton, whether it is printed on the carton of product picture, name of commodity, or all logo, such as graphic printing is a bright luster, clear marked improve product aesthetic appearance. 吗?
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