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Luke water-based ink cartons, corrugated carton characteristics comparing three kinds of printed way

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-09
According to the different printing equipment, corrugated carton printed can be divided into offset printed, gravure printing and flexo printing, water-based ink well in carton manufacturer with respect to the manner of the three kinds of printed printing, plate making cost, plate printing endurance quality analyzed problems such as: 1, offset printing, good printing quality, plate of low cost, low plate printing endurance, selection of solvent ink is not environmental protection. 2, gravure printing, good printing quality, plate making cost is higher, good printing printing endurance, selection of solvent ink 3, flexo printing, good printing quality, lower cost of cardboard, printing printing endurance is moderate, choose the cartons is environmental protection water-based ink. These three printed way each have advantages, but in the long run, the prospects of flexo printed wider, because flexo printed can not only high quality products to meet customer quality requirements, and the use of non-toxic harmless cartons, water-based ink, conform to the trend of environmental protection and is beneficial to consumers and front-line workers health. Flexo printed paper need to be aware of is the use of the surface compressive strength and breaking resistance, smoothness, gloss, tinting strength should be up to standard to ensure good printing quality. Boxes used by water-based ink should have the same hue, tinting strength, viscosity and pH value, in the high-end color printing corrugated carton, plate and line number is higher, in order to prevent plugging phenomenon, the cartons are water-based ink needs to have good fineness. Corrugated surface after printing paper, pass the temperature of 170 ~ 180 ℃ corrugated board production line to form the corrugated cardboard, cartons must use high temperature resistant water-based ink and water-based light oil, can appear otherwise deinking phenomenon, corrugated carton after corrugated board production line and produces friction in the process of transportation, so you must use wear good carton printing water-based ink and water-based light oil, glazing.
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