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Luke water-based ink cartons, corrugated carton industry development trend

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-19
The current corrugated carton industry has entered the small profit era, the competition is fierce. Grasp the corrugated carton industry development trend, explore the new profit growth point, is a necessary choice for the long-term development of the enterprise. Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers list the following four effective methods: 1, paper and wood, paper plastic, paper for metal containers of circular economy and green packaging is the development of the national packaging industry focus, because it can not only make full use of resources, and to protect the natural environment, reasonably. Use water-based ink printing paper products conducive to environmental protection carton recycling, no harm to the environment, fully conforms to the requirement of circular economy and green packaging. 2 and recycled to the law of the People's Republic of China circular economy promotion law 'reduction are discussed as an important terms, attention should also be paid to carton industry & quot; Reduction & other; 。 First of all we should structure design aspects, reduction design. Second, in the production of high strength, low quantitative corrugated cardboard and is an important method of realizing reduction. Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers understand abroad to three layers of corrugated carton for total 89. Of the total 4%, five layers of 9. Total 5%, seven layers of 1. China's 1%, total five layer corrugated carton accounted for about 70%, three and seven layers corrugated carton less share. By & throughout; Layer protection effect, the better the more & more other The idea influence, our country still is given priority to with five layer corrugated carton, we must rectify the situation gradually. This aspect need papermaking enterprises with high strength and high quality packing paper, 2 it is improving design, reasonable ingredients, improve the strength of the three layers of corrugated carton, ensure the safety of the built-in objects, three is to do a good job of promotion, make the enterprise and user to realize reduction of meaning and purpose, ideas and concept to change people's habits, to achieve reduction can save a lot of packing paper, not only saves the cost of raw materials for the enterprise, also saved a large number of logistics cost, is a win-win situation of economic and social benefits. 3, ultra-micronization model. the micro corrugated board has high compressive strength, which can effectively protect the products. Good printing eligibility, use cartons of water-based ink printing exquisite images, text, etc can promote sales; Lightweight, high quality conforms to the requirements of environmental protection, at the same time make it easier to transport, also facilitate consumers to purchase and carry, can effectively reduce the cost. 4, develop the extension products development of corrugated board extension products, improve the innovation product added value is the new development trend, such as paper toys, paper office, education platform, billboards, desk and chair, sofa, innovative products, such as using water-based ink printed cartons to promote the product appearance beauty, improve corporate profits.
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