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Luke water-based ink cartons, corrugated carton printing quality hierarchy

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-08
Product quality grade rate is one of the national industrial product quality index system of leading indicators, which reflects the industrial product quality level and the changing situation, promote enterprise technology advancement, is advantageous to the national macroeconomic regulation and control, the following en carton water-based ink manufacturers in the division of the quality levels of corrugated carton for you to understand. The carton water-based ink printed corrugated carton has the characteristics of adaptability, strict quality requirements, generally only qualified products and unqualified goods, the significance of quality hierarchy is large, high quality, cause waste, substandard will become a waste, because it can neither be downgraded, also cannot take remedial measures. According to the CY/T2 & ndash; 1999 printing product quality evaluation and classification guideline 'regulation, print quality level is divided into three levels and classy article, first-rate product. And there is no & other; Throughout unqualified &; Level, & other; Throughout unqualified &; Refers to the products are not up to the standard of the corresponding current, in principle is not the factory, so in product quality grading, don't need to be included. 1, classy article: classy article is the use of high-grade water-based ink printed cartons of corrugated carton must reach the international advanced level of product quality standard, the physical quality level compared with the similar foreign products reach the advanced level of nearly five years. 2, grade a, grade a quality standards must achieve the international average, with the carton of water-based ink printing product quality should be general level of similar products reached the international or domestic advanced level. 3, qualification: according to the national standards of average ( The national standards, industry standards and local standards or enterprise standards) Organize production, using ordinary carton of water-based ink printing product quality level must meet the requirements of relevant standards. Above we can know the importance of the cartons hierarchies, in addition to the quality of the carton need to monitor, use cartons dedicated printing ink can improve product's quality level, attract consumers to choose your products. Luke water-based ink production of water-based ink, the factory is a specialized for carton printing office r&d deployment of ink painting, it is environmental protection non-toxic, bright color, not burning, easy to clean, dry, excellent water resistance and frictional resistance.
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