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Luke water-based ink cartons, why European milk powder are packed in cartons?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-09
Luke carton water-based ink manufacturer in and abroad customer discussion of carton printing, in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and other countries produced infant formula packaging are almost all of the carton packaging. The infant child stores in China selling European imported milk powder also has a lot of is 500 g, 600 g or 800 g in a box, compared to other popular rows of canned milk powder, many consumers thought box no canned good, choose canned. In fact, the milk carton packaging has become the mainstream of today's European market, mainly due to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in Europe. Not only save the resources, the carton packaging and carton can be recycled. Even the carton water-based ink printed on the carton can quickly decompose, will not pollute the environment. According to our carton water-based ink manufacturers know, another reason is exposed in a box, with less time, less nutrition loss. Because canned every open, milk powder is exposed at a time. Boxed in general may also for 400 gb or more small bags, filled with a protective gas, the natural preservation of better. Luke water-based ink manufacturers have many years of export experience, the annual export cartons water-based ink production reached 20000 tons, the production of environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons available in corrugated paper, kraft paper, printed on the white board and other absorbent paper carton, cartons, paper bags, paper napkins, and other products, with excellent printing eligibility, environmental protection and low cost, etc.
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