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Luke water-based ink cartons, wood pulp, paper products export market in China in the first half of the year

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-10
According to en carton water-based ink manufacturers have been the new statistics, in the first half of the pulp and paper exports situation overall steady upward, export quantity had smaller amplitude recovery; Overall prices fell slightly compared with the same period last year; No wave on the smooth export value amount. January - In June, wood pulp, paper products exports amounted to 59902 in our country. 93 tons, the year-on-year increase in 2. 55%. Mechanical wood pulp has not been 3 months before export, but by the end of April 20 after export. Export 0 26 tons, and the same period in 2015. 44 tons, compared against an increase of 4504. 55%. Caustic soda pulp export number is 16850. 82 tons, year-on-year increase of 67. 97%; Chemical wood pulp export number 18. 51 t, year-on-year increase in 11. 44%. The rest of the several varieties of paper exports are because: sulfite pulp has not been 4 months before export, but may later tentative export 0. 025 tons, compared with the same period in 2015 export 6 tons, with a greatly reduced 99. 58%. Other fiber wood pulp export number is 36565. 2 tons, fell 5. 38%, and it belongs to the export quantity & other Big head & throughout; , so to our country in the first half of the pulp and paper products exports rising plays a decisive role. China's pulp and paper - 1 month Relatively stable export prices fall, June, the unit price level for 1111 per ton. $88, 2, by the smaller margin year-on-year declines. 6%. General mechanical pulp export unit price level 1298 per ton. $12, compared to the rapid rebound in 605. 1%; Caustic soda pulp export unit price level 662 a tonne. 4 dollars, compared with the small amplitude increase. 96%; Other fiber wood pulp is 1293 per ton. $92, compared with 3 to ascend. 67%, is basically unchanged. Several display because of the variety of export market: chemical wood pulp export unit price per tonne for 907. $62, down 25% year on year; Sulfite pulp export unit price is $960 per ton, compared to 38. 06%. Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers to be sure, in the first half of the general mechanical pulp export market, with import price level rising, waste paper and newsprint in the case of weaker export market appeared, it reduced the export quantity. Paper first half of the decline in exports, there is no much impact carton export of water-based ink and water-based ink was well in the first half of 2016 cartons are up 26% on 2015, export total number of 1260. 82 tons. Expected the second half of the cartons total exports of water-based ink can reach 1600 tons. B: water-based ink cartons is dedicated in white cardboard, corrugated paper, newsprint paper, kraft paper and so on absorbent paper printing paper box, paper bag, children toy packaging, food packaging outer, etc. Good printing eligibility, environmental pollution-free, non-toxic harmless, not burning, printing color bright, no bubbles, no fading, etc. Environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons recognised by domestic and foreign manufacturers, annual export amount is still growing.
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