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Luke woven bag water-based ink factory, what is a woven bag water-based ink!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-22
Small make up with you today in the er woven bag water-based ink manufacturer under the science what is woven bag water-based ink, just as its name implies is refers to the application in plastic woven bag, laminating bags, paper bags, plastic products, such as logo printing ink. Well production of woven sacks water-based ink manufacturer in water-based ink is made up of high quality acrylic resin, water, pigments, additives such as been fully grinding points. How to distinguish the quality qualified woven bag water-based ink? A qualified sacks water-based ink, from the characteristics of ink and printing effect requires: liquidity is good, excellent robustness, friction resistance, quick drying, bright color, etc. From the various point of view of printing, woven bag water-based ink can be diluted, convenient use, low cost, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, transportation convenient, conform to the requirements of environmental protection, especially suitable for food packaging hygiene safety requirements such as flour, rice, higher woven bag printing. Well woven bag in water-based ink manufacturers, woven bag printing ink features: 1, bright color, fine ink, strong tinting strength, high fastness, non-combustible don't explode, non-corrosive. 2, ink viscosity change stable, clear print outlets, not easy discoloration. 3, low foam, fast drying, good water wash. 4, strong abrasion resistance, water resistance, frost resistance.
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