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Luke woven bag water-based ink manufacturers, types and characteristics of shallow light woven bags

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-22
Speaking of woven bag people think of in the mind are those rough bag, in fact, these traditional plastic woven bag is just one part of it, really cover is far more than these. Woven bags available today have designed many new and water-based ink manufacturers to provide all sorts of fancy design of environmental printing ink plastic woven bag, come into our life, is an indispensable part of us, the following by well woven bag in water-based ink manufacturers to detailed understanding of the various types of woven bags, as well as in real life how to choose. A, polypropylene woven bag this is a kind of general material in our country, the so-called material is we're all familiar with PP material, the material belongs to the commonly used material, belongs to the translucent material, in the use of this material will not produce any toxic, more won't appear any peculiar smell, also can use environmental protection bag, water-based ink printing will not pollute the environment. In the processing of this material, you need to combustion melting point to 167 degrees Celsius, so when it is used in the later has a strong heat resistant performance, in addition in the process of making will use steam disinfection treatment, in the use of time to ensure that all of the products can't be lowered any damage phenomenon. Woven bag water-based ink manufacturers think it is worth mentioning is that the material production of the product has small density, thus made the quality of the product and is very light, and we use it more convenient. And use this kind of material made of plastic woven bag also have high strength and corrosion resistance of, so as the mainstream of the present product, not only lightweight, durable, can also recycle and reuse after use. Second, the composite material of woven bags this kind of material made of plastic woven bag mainly in conformity with the plastic film as raw material, appear in front of people is similar to a layer of cloth, which is a layer of polypropylene material, another layer of polyester material, that is to say, this is a kind of novel materials, has a very considerable prospect in the current market. When using this kind of material of plastic woven bag also don't need to worry about its corrosion resistance. Because after a senior program in design and production, its corrosion resistance is strong, in addition also has the characteristics of dust and moisture proof, so in many units will choose this material for packaging, mainly is the packaging of pesticide and fertilizer. Because the material performance of special material, make use of time can also be extremely low temperature impact resistance, even placed in extremely cold area, will not be affected by any, it is worth mentioning this kind of material made of plastic woven bag will not have any toxic and peculiar smell, but there are not enough ideal on the other hand, it is poor anti-aging ability. The classification of the above are classified according to the raw material of plastic woven bag, if according to its USES can also be divided into a lot of kinds, common can be divided into bags and sky bags, etc. , can also be divided into the bottom valve pocket and round mouth, etc. How much in addition can also according to the loading of the goods and the nature to division, all in all different quality have different characteristics, different characteristics of woven bag will have different purposes, but whatever the material, all can be used well in woven sacks sacks water-based ink printing, water-based ink manufacturers can guarantee the quality of printing quality, its waterproof wear-resisting properties can protect the printing quality of text pattern is not affected in the process of handling.
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