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Metal Coating PU-207 Water based polyurethane peelable protective coating

Metal Coating

PU-207 Water based polyurethane peelable protective coating


The peelable coating is designed using water based polyurethane that can be applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces and simply peeled off once dry. All peelable coatings may be applied with water compatible airless sprayers or automatic spray systems to protect surfaces from minor nicks, scratches, abrasions, and any other unwanted contaminants during transit or in completion or assembly during manufacturing.

Typical Properties


Aromatic polyurethane dispersion (PE/PU)


Milky white liquid



Solid content




Viscosity (25℃)


Elongation (%)


Tensile strength (MPa)


Dry time for Touch (25℃)

1-2 hours

Dry time for Test (25℃)

24 hours

Key Features

● VOC free, slight odor, non-toxic, white layer
● Water based coating, green environmental protection
● Excellent thermal stability, flexibility and leveling property
● Suitable adhesion on the coating, and no damage to the surface
● Protect surfaces from minor nicks, scratches, abrasions and any other unwanted contaminants


● Metal
● Automobile
● Ceramic
● Wood
● Glass
● Plastic etc.


Storage and Handling

Application method

● Clean the surface
● The paint should be fully stirred before use, if there are impurities, please filter it after the bubbles disappear. The product needs to be covered timely after use to prevent deterioration.
● Brush, roller, spray, dip are available, recommend to spray. (Spray gun model: W-71, pressure of the air pump: 1.5-3.5bar), can use 10% water to adjust the viscosity.
● Coating thickness is at least 90μm to ensure remove easily. Too thin easy to tear off, too thick easy to sagging.
● At 20℃/60% humidity /90μm conditions, surface dry time is about 30 minutes, real dry time is about 4 hours. At 60℃, the time is 15 minutes.

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