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Metal surface treatment industry of defoaming agent solution defoaming agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-04
( 1) : metal cleaning agent defoaming agent, metal cleaning agent defoaming agent is suitable for alkali degreasing agent (water A 20% NaoH solution) Cleaning agent (before, Tun and phosphating process) , spray cleaner/plating except oil, alkaline degreaser, high-grade spray agent, degreasing agent, liquid metal wiredrawing, flux, wipe machine, metal cleaning agent, alkaline water in addition to oil, all kinds of metal abrasive cleaning special high-grade imported steel plate clean, clean copper zinc magnesium aluminum, precision instruments, electronic parts cleaning. Edm working liquid, etching liquid, electrolyte line cutting liquid steel cleaning agent, general acid alkali cleaning, cutting fluid under high pressure, in addition to oil, powder, alkali aluminum degreasing powder, washing the common coating, plating, stainless steel cleaning, high pressure spray cleaning, water treatment, chemical immersion and others can't use the occasion of organic silicon. Features: good solubility in water, no residue, no floating oil; Does not affect the order after spraying, long bubble suppression, high shear resistance; Has the fast defoaming and long bubble suppression effect; This product does not contain organic solvent, not abuse corrosion equipment, does not affect the solder. High solid content, little dosage, fast defoaming, inhibit length, good solubility in water, can be diluted with and without side effects. ( 2) : metal cleaning use defoaming agent, metal cleaning use defoaming agent is suitable for: steel cleaning agent, general acid alkali cleaning under high pressure, in addition to the agent/powder, alkali aluminum degreasing powder, regular cleaning, degreasing powder coating, plating, stainless steel cleaning, high pressure spray cleaning, spray lipid cleaning, industrial water treatment, chemical cleaning, etc. Features: antifoaming agent factory for metal cleaning industry characteristics research of metal cleaning use defoaming agent, for metal surface treatment agent and its application and development. Its advantage is that can eliminate stubborn type bubble because of the many kinds of surfactants, it can stable foam in strong alkali, high temperature. Inhibit performance persistence is metal cleaning defoaming agent and a characteristic, so it can adapt to all kinds of the advantages of technical requirements such as ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic assembly line net cleaning machine, large textile industrial washing machine and so on, not on the cleaning object defects such as staining spots, rust and scale. Suitable for the cleaning line to defoaming inhibit needs. This series product USES the modified organic silicon refined high defoaming agent. Features are: fast defoaming and inhibit time is long, low dosage, no corrosion, no harmful side effects. ( 3) : powder solid defoamer: powder solid defoamer used in metal cleaning agent, electroplating cleaner, alkaline degreaser, high-grade spray agent, metal wire drawing liquid, flux, wipe machine, ultrasonic cleaner, alkaline water except oil, wash bowl cleaner, beer bottle cleaning agent, powder detergent, chemical cleaning agents, cutting fluids, industrial cleaning agents, civil detergent, powder detergent, powder XianDi agent, electrolysis of water treatment, starch, paper/pulp, textile, printing and dyeing, water treatment and other applicable to unfavorable use liquid defoaming agent system. : antifoaming agent factory research and development production of powder solid defoamer is a special polyether modified silicon as the main raw material through special process refined but become, is for powder or non-aqueous systems developed special antifoaming agent, the powder solid defoamer different ordinary foam powder is that alkali floating oil demulsification, alkali solution under acid PH value of 1, 100 ℃ high temperature stable performance; High electrolyte resistance, high shear resistance, less usage, foam or bubble dynamics sustained, long-term performance defoaming ability, good water solubility, good thermal stability. This powder solid defoamer detergent, detergent and so on are not join any system will not affect the appearance of the product was, excellent transparency. With all kinds of surface active agent intermiscibility. Cleaning and solve the problem of residual spots, not rich in post processing products. Is a highly efficient solid powder antifoaming agent, sexual price is high, its performance has been more than similar imported products, export to many countries.
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