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Method to control the water-based ink appear off color

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-03
Water-based ink in printing color link is an important part of the color control, many enterprises printing operators, in the process of color only pay attention to the experience or by feeling for toning, there is no standard formula, the proportion of the audio. So not only did not help on the issue of color difference, the color can't be controlled. Luke water-based ink manufacturers recommended: before color ink system should pay attention to avoid using different manufacturers to toning, with manufacturer of water-based ink can be used for color mixing, color mixing work must be fully mastering all kinds of printing ink hue slants phase, is helpful to control in the process of color. Color if you have used before to the residual ink, you must first make clear of the water-based ink color, and then scrape ink scraping the sample observation comparison, and then to add, add weight should be ready before weighing, and record the data. In addition, when the designed depth of color and character, also can through measurement, scraping rod manner toning, scraping the ink sample must be uniform, and be white, help compared with standard sample. When the hue close to standard sample by more than 90%, completes the viscosity changes. We can make proofing, then in fine-tuning. It is worth noting that to toning process must pay attention to the accuracy of the data, the accuracy of the electronic scale for the subsequent process data parameters of the summary is very important. When we are water-based ink matching data will do a good job, after a lot of production practice can fast effective toning, also can avoid the emergence of the off color problem. It is important to note that we should according to the size of the order to uniform distribution of ink, to a one-time do color matching, avoid multiple color hue deviation caused by. Can effectively reduce the occurrence of the colors and the residual ink. When checking the color, sometimes even under normal light color looks the same, but in a different light looks inconsistent, so should choose the standard light source for color or color.
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