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Modern nano coating production equipment

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-31
Vacuum nano coating production process of the main equipment including high-speed dispersion machine, sanding machine, paint mixing equipment, filtration equipment, and filling equipment, etc. 1, high-speed dispersion machine, high-speed dispersion machine's main function is to paint premixed abrasive slurry. Modernization coating raw materials of pigments and fillers are easy dispersion of ultrafine, coupled with the use of the wetting dispersing, many coating not grinding, using high-speed dispersion machine can only meet the fineness. 2, sanding machine, sanding machine, also known as ball mill, its main function is to hard to dispersed pigments, fillers, coating grinding a paste or grinding fineness to the rules. Sander has two kinds of horizontal and vertical. 3, paint paint mixing equipment is used to disperse after grinding fine lacquer pulp with partial coating resin, paint additives, solvents and paste, such as mixing, and reach the specified color, viscosity, etc. Some paint and paint using high-speed dispersion machine. 4, filtration equipment, painted with a small amount of impurities such as coarse slag in paint, you can use the filtering equipment of purification. Commonly used devices have vibrating screen, simple operation, easy to clean. 5, filling equipment, filling equipment is used for specified size and the quality of the finished coating packing seal. Can use manual or automatic coating filling equipment.
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