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Mucilage printing requirements

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-20
A, manual bedplate printing requirement for printing mucilage manual bedplate printing, screen mesh is the pressure on the fabric of bedplate, manual printing, scraper extrusion pressure on web Kong Yin mucilage through pattern on the fabric. Mucilage by shear stress is small, so the request printing rubber paste has good rheological property and net permeability, namely when the scraper scrape printing viscosity decreased, and through the mesh is transferred to the fabric, and to the inside fabric permeability; Disappear when scrapping printing stops, shear stress, its viscosity and can respond quickly to the original level, ensure to print on the fabric pattern outline clear, so the manual bedplate printing in the printing of mucilage should have certain thickness of thick, namely high viscosity, but better rheological properties, lag of thixotropy. Second, printed mucilage in blow pull operation must pay attention to the requirement of printing paste is one of the mucilage printing materials, is a kind of milky white thick, is mainly used in the printing process, the flow performance is very good, don't plug mesh, quality is stable, use, process is simple. Pull printing paste in scrapping printing operation should pay attention to methods and requirements: in the 800 - mesh Between 1200 mesh. Powder add 5% After a 10% to stir to decompose completely; Before starting printing, printing mucilage to pull after filtering, the production process becomes thick, if found, it will stop using; Pressure machine, the position of printing press can be dry, in order to avoid fade. If a appeared white edge, then the pressure that is overheating; Heat treatment after printing, - in 150 Between 170 ℃ for 3 minutes or press - 15 2 seconds; When scrapping printing, once 4 knife. Three matching with the substrates, printing rubber paste request printing manufacturer in printing production process, often encounter printing mucilage and cloth adhesion not firm problem, the main reasons for this situation are: printing cloth ( Work piece) Surface is waterproof coating, such as oil material, thus caused mucilage printing and print the insufficient adhesion; Printing mucilage itself adhesion is not enough, resulting in poor adhesion; Printing process improper operation, also can lead to poor adhesion, such as printing, slurry under little or no use optimum when the dry method, mucilage printing not completely curing, etc. Printing factory before production, therefore, must choose good printing mucilage match the substrates, and make a small kind, so sure before production, ensure product quality.
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