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Nanchang professional water-based adhesive agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-15
Nanchang professional water-based adhesive' target='_blank'>adhesive agent in nanchang professional water-based adhesive agent reclaimed rubber, especially made from renewable natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive has good performance, the price is cheap, and therefore be taken seriously. Above from concept to distinguish, so, if from details or operation process fine, specific what differences between the two? Hot melt glue gun is frequently used tool, especially when decorating a room. Let's look at the characteristics of offset printing ink, compared with the silk screen, printing ink layer thinner, thin will have a drawback, simple sense is bad, visual effect is weak, there would be no stereo effect. And because the thin, also caused the ink curing speed. Thin, of course, is not without its advantages, will ink consumption is small, not paper deformation caused by the contraction of the ink, little impact on product quality. Polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine with ordinary hot melt adhesive machine but not the whole process of hot melt glue completely cut off from the air, ordinary hot melt adhesive machine is the hot melt adhesive melting from down to up, pur to melt polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine is made up of pur hot melt adhesive, so pur hot melt adhesive is the core parts of the machine hot melt adhesive pressure plate heating element. Special glue process, will inevitably raise the cost of the use of hot melt adhesive. In addition, offset printing ink because of interference from deformation, printed products are high quality, design is very clear, and simple sense is very strong, color reduction degree is high. For the people, the scenery and similar graphic is suitable. His printing process is unique to transfer twice, first to transfer the plate on the graphic to rubber, turn again to the compact disc printing, because it does not require ink balance method, so the structure will be more precise. Due to different flame retardants and the compatibility of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, the flame retardant effect can make a big different. Contrast line screen printing ink, said its disadvantages, first, the relationship between the thickness of raw material is also will ink consumption is too large, is three times the left and right sides, offset printing and curing speed is slow, ink film because the cause of the thick, there will be shrinkage obvious problems, impact on the disc formed at this moment, cause quality problems. And because the screen printing process and the problem of raw materials, low precision of image, exquisite degrees of finished product, and will cause the quality of administrative levels. Standard corrugated carton sealing of hot melt adhesive costs about 32 1000 yuan/box, this is the middle of the hot melt adhesive price, and tape seal in the middle of the price is about 120 yuan / 1000 cases. Water-based adhesive glue is natural or synthetic polymer macromolecule material, with water as solvent or dispersants, replace the environmental pollution of toxic organic solvents, and preparation of a kind of environment-friendly glue adhesion agent. Existing water-based adhesive is not without solvent, volatile organic compounds that may contain limited as additives of its aqueous medium, in order to control viscosity or liquidity. Advantage is mainly a non-toxic, no pollution, no combustion, the use of safe, easy to implement clean production process, such as disadvantages including the drying speed is slow, poor resistance to water, antifreeze sex differences. In general, the mechanical properties such as pressure sensitive resistance of pressure sensitive adhesive for the addition of flame retardants. Hot melt adhesive in use process, its state moment in change, the gluing process on different, make the performance of hot melt adhesive under test. The classification of water-based adhesives editor nanchang professional water-based adhesive agent seal preservation. 5, good quality hot melt adhesive with heat resistance performance, can put the hot melt adhesive in zero or more than 40 degrees respectively environment for testing, if there are brittle, soft gelatin said quality is bad now. Manner according to the material classification: nanchang professional water-based adhesive agent but they have no natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.
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