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Nano coating surface treatment - The vacuum method

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-22
Vacuum nano coating is ordering the material in a high vacuum state gasification or ionization deposit on the surface to form a coating process. Is the main method. ( A) Physical vapor deposition ( 周围性血管疾病) Under the condition of vacuum, the metal gasification into atoms or molecules, or the ionization ion, directly to the surface, the forming process of coating, called physical vapor deposition, the sedimentary particle beam from the chemical factors, such as evaporation plating sputtering, ion plating, etc. ( 2) Ion implantation will be different under high voltage ion implantation surface to make the process of surface modification, called ion implantation, the wound boron, etc. ( 3) Chemical vapor deposition ( CVD) Low voltage ( Sometimes in atmospheric pressure) , the gaseous substances on the surface generated by a chemical reaction process of solid deposit, known as the chemical gas phase deposition, such as vapor deposition silicon oxide and silicon nitride etc.
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