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Nanometer mirror surface coating technology of nine big advantages:

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-07
1. Less investment, low cost lens mold vacuum plating technology like electroplating investment big, labor cost, the cost just 5 ~ 19 yuan/square meters. 2. Green environmental protection, do not contain the eight heavy metal mirror mould vacuum plating technology research and development in order to avoid the use of electroplating process caused a series of environmental pollution problems, such as the SGS test does not contain harmful heavy metals, the eight is a safe, pollution-free, green high-tech coating technology. 3. Operational security mirror mould vacuum plating equipment is simple and safe operation, the operator accidentally spray to hands or other parts of the body, also won't have any injuries. 4. Suitable for automation, mass need to mirror the mold spray vacuum plating system is suitable for a variety of personalized, also suitable for mass production. 5. Can locate spray lens mold can realize positioning spraying in the vacuum plating, can do local plating color to decorate, also can be in the same plating on a product into the color and the effect of different patterns, makes up the defect of the traditional plating technology can't local plating. 6. Processed products without being limited by the base material, size, shape, mirror can mold the vacuum plating coating different base material, 7 different sizes, different shapes of products. Color diversity mirror mould vacuum plating technology of plating products can be pure chromium coating surface effect, also can spray a variety of other colors, such as: golden color, brassy, antique gold, gun metal color, Red, purple, green, blue) Wait for all sorts of specular highlights the effect, all sorts of color can follow one's inclinations, arbitrary collocation. 8. Materials can be recycled mirror mould vacuum plating products, abandoned after can crush, achieve recycle, save resources. 9. In the early period of the simple lens mold vacuum plating without complex processing, don't need to do the conductive layer.
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