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New adhesive app building adhesive industry layout

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-16
, according to data from the early 90 s, the adhesive industry in our country's economy began to 19 each year. Fast growth rate of 5%, application field increasingly widened, large quantities of new adhesive enterprise rise, in the domestic market, is famous for its high performance and high quality adhesives are rapidly rising by 26% a year trend. This marks the viscose enterprises in our country has entered a stage of highly developed, and quickly lead in the chemical industry, become the most potential industry. But due to industry lead to the basic demands of over-expansion neglected factors, such as product market downturn began to, prices are falling, at this point, the price is still slightly down. Adhesive industry gradually began to losses in 2014, and has increasing trend, enterprises cannot get long-term development, fracture, internal funds were forced to asset restructuring. The appearance of the App to widen the adhesive industry development channels, and from the morphology of the market to the consumption patterns of innovation to improve the current situation of the development. Adhesive app arises at the historic moment, shoulder the important task of reforming the whole market operation mode, in the high speed development of adhesive industry, leads to a unique culture. Viscose app by interactive technology co. , LTD. Tianjin thousand sails to build, cover more industry information, covering the supply and demand market, involved in hiring and providing adhesive client and direct function of mobile phone, more access to wikipedia, know, blogs and other network frontier information circulation channels, is good for building brand and exploit market. With emphasis on the product, marketing, will be on the adhesive app client terminal to be able to extend.
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