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New technology of induction cooker PCB nano waterproof

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-29
Induction cooker is also known as electromagnetic range, the first home induction cooker was born in Germany in 1957. In 1972, the United States to start producing induction cooker, induction cooker in the early 1980 s in Europe and the United States began to sell like hot cakes. Induction cooker with temperature controller, can prevent overheating, save electricity and safe. In today's era, electronic products has become an indispensable things in People's Daily life, people's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, education, entertainment, all is closely linked, inseparable, with the convenience of electronic products to improve the life of people have considerable merit. Induction cooker, with its convenient, quick, smoke-free, no waste gas and the halogen-light to get people love, people become a good helper in the kitchen, favored by people. Family eat hot pot, soup pot, which can be missed it? Induction cooker using electricity to heat, not to have any harmful gas emissions, and because the halogen-light, also won't appear the kitchen and heat leak at room temperature is high, the environment quiet, clean, and refreshing the kitchen cooking, let a person feel comfortable and health of body and mind. So said induction cooker is really worthy of the name of energy saving, environmental protection products. Induction cooker induction cooker mainboard popular with families for its functionality and convenience, but as a kind of common household electronics, hard to avoid most of the time dealing with water, oil, and continued immersed in water with oil will directly threaten the mainboard of induction cooker, when water enters the induction cooker internal cause bombing, short circuit, electricity and so on some work. If the place such as the edge of the panel sealing is not good, the probability of water will be larger. When we were in the boiling water, cooking, cleaning, induction cooker, may accidentally splashed water droplets, soup to the induction cooker shell gap, especially the oil accumulation over time to infiltrate motherboard, can damage electronic components, the cause of failure. Induction cooker circuit board damage if it makes the water induction cooker PCB waterproof and moistureproof, that's much more for consumers a quality and safety, product more than a selling point for manufacturers, and can effectively and reduce after-sales. Clairvoyance manufacturers are actually studying done waterproof. Only with exterior waterproof is not enough for induction cooker, because appearance is easy to deformation, because of the heat will generate more wider aperture, a better approach is to look and internal PCB board do waterproof processing, at the same time achieve the effect of both inside and outside both. In waterproof processing based on directly on the PCB in addition to the traditional three kind of material, more advanced nano waterproof coating is a new material such as well in PCB such nano coating materials, nano coating waterproof, moistureproof, prevent salt fog corrosion of several major characteristics, and environmental protection performance is very good, the new material TIS nano coating fully comply with RoHS, REACH, MSDS etc. The eu certification standard, is the induction cooker board waterproof hydrophobic, moistureproof, acid and alkali salt corrosion prevention of the best solution. Well in the new material PCBA the characteristics and applications of nano waterproof coating: new material well in PCBA nano waterproof coating can effectively protect induction cooker of the circuit board, to avoid the accidental wading circuit board burned, to prevent long-term corrosion in the relatively poor working environment, and the cooling performance is good, does not affect the use of connectors, used in the circuit board surface after forming a layer 2 mu m thickness of the protective film, invisible to the naked eye, effectively reduce the circuit board surface energy, has the very good hydrophobic properties, is called the fishnet raincoat. TIS grace in new material coating construction way nano coating on the surface of hydrophobic phenomenon compared to the traditional waterproof glue nano waterproof breathable coating better heat dissipation, and through external waterproofing spray or spray coating method is compared with the new material well in nano waterproof coating protection of PCB more comprehensive and more complete, the construction is simple, do not need to increase equipment, immersion is the best solution, you just need to soak 5 seconds, 10 minutes to dry naturally. Induction cooker after dealing with the nano waterproof coating technology can achieve is not afraid of water, does not fear the corrosion, product maintenance more convenient and quick, waterproof configuration for all of these products, completely don't have to worry about water will into induction cooker internal damage components, safe is your best choice! Grace in PCB nano waterproof material becomes the Gospel of induction cooker manufacturers. Believe in the PCB nano waterproof waterproof technology led, there will be more and more manufacturers choose PCB nano waterproof coating.
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