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Ningbo pressure sensitive adhesive industry how to do

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-13
Ningbo how pressure sensitive adhesive with ningbo industry how use hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive glue machine in appearance, in addition to used in color printing paper when you need to add the corresponding pigment, general and high grade rubber or film surface is smooth, shiny, no rough milky white or pale yellow solid impurities. 5. Water-based glue to use plastic containers, do not use metal containers, otherwise it will affect the glue of resistance to yellowing coefficient. Ningbo pressure sensitive adhesive industry how to use compared with the rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has many advantages: colorless transparent appearance and has good weatherability; Generally don't have to use additives, such as the viscosity resin, softener and stabilizer can get very good pressure sensitive adhesive performance, so the formula is simple; Using copolymerization and cross-linking can satisfy different performance requirements of system pressure sensitive adhesive. 3 acid ester emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, preparation, to choose the appropriate soft and hard monomers and dosage, the soft and hard monomer ratio, appropriate to pressure sensitive adhesive bonding performance and cohesion strength coordination and balance, but for pressure sensitive adhesive, is also important to the choice of the functional monomer, it can increase the cohesion of the pressure sensitive adhesive, improved adhesion with the substrate, and provides further crosslinking active group. 6. Water-based glue because volatilizes slower, must add 5% of waterborne curing agent, and mixing 5 - 8 minutes, mix evenly, add the curing agent of glue must be finished within 4 hours, do not use the next day. Ningbo industry how to use pressure sensitive adhesive smell, especially is faulty, people would think is unsafe, so the food and drink beer manufacturer of hot melt adhesive were put forward such as no smell, no smell of glue lets the user feel safe, rest assured, the steadfast. 7. In the 50 - water-based glue drying temperature 3-60 ℃, drying time About 5 minutes. In practical application, a complete emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive formula may have to add antifreezing agent, defoaming agent, fungicide, paste and so on. 8. Water-based glue cannot add oil curing agent, otherwise easy to cause death glue or glue agglomerate, cannot use. Ningbo industry how to use pressure sensitive adhesive as a result, over the past 20 years, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive is developing very rapidly, and have replaced the dominance of natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Pu polyurethane including pressure sensitive adhesive and PUR water-borne pressure sensitive adhesive glue, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, is a kind of pressure sensitive adhesive, mainly composed of synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil mixture heating molten state and then coated on cotton paper, cloth or plastic film, such as base material and made a new type of adhesive tape, on the advantages of low cost is its defects is affected by temperature is obvious adhesive. 9. To thin and uniform, water-based glue coating is too thick, after drying, can clearly see the underlying material, if see is the white layer and the brush glue is too thick. Mainly used for all kinds of sealing, sealing box, paper packaging, beverage bottle label, aluminum foil sealing, flexible packaging and other packaging; Ring cover paper pallet, etc, to adapt to all kinds of materials. Ningbo industry how to use pressure sensitive adhesive is widely used in automatic packaging, hygiene products, labels, tape,, car interiors, building waterproof, furniture furniture, printing and binding, shoes, clothing, etc.
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