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Of the basic elements of Luke water-based ink cartons, carton packaging

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-08
In the process of circulation, carton packaging, the product is for the protection products, convenient storage and transportation, and promote sales, the paper box for packaging products. Has made easy, light weight, environmental protection carton water-based ink printing, design, molding easily available, low cost, etc, are widely used in product sales packaging and transport packaging. In general, carton packaging should include trademark or brand, shape, color, pattern and material elements, etc. 1. Trademark or brand trademark or brand is the main components of packaging, usually use water-based ink printed on the packing cartons to occupy a prominent position as a whole. 2. Shape is suitable for packing shape is good for storage and display, and conducive to product sales, therefore, the shape is the indispensable elements combination packing. 3. Color color is packaging stimulate sales role in the composition of the elements. Cartons with high-grade water-based ink printing color, can highlight the commodity characteristics of color combination, can not only strengthen the brand attributes, and have a strong appeal to customers. 4. Pattern of water-based ink printing on the carton packaging cartons in the packing as the picture in advertising, its importance is self-evident, integral sex. 5. The choice of packaging materials packaging material not only affects the choice of packaging costs, but also affect the market competitiveness of goods. 6. Product labels printed on the label are general package content and product contains the main component of brand logo, the level of product quality, product manufacturers, production date and the period of validity, using the method. Carton packaging and printing the ink dry, water resistance and frictional resistance of the demand is higher, the cartons of water-based ink is special carton packaging and printing ink, it has excellent printing eligibility, quick drying, environmental non-toxic pollution-free, bright colors, low cost etc. , the printing vendor.
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