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Outward bound training in 2016

Outward bound training in 2016


Outward bound training in 2016 organized by Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co.,Ltd.

In December 4th, some employees of our company launched a one day training program.

They were divided into seven teams, carried out a number of projects, The significance of this activity is to test the endurance of the staff and team spirit.

From the whole training process cannot do without the collective wisdom and strength.

 Leader jack every project  always encouraged teammates at the end of the game in every project, make employees feel the warmth of team, mutual trust, inspire each member of the collective sense of honor and confidence in each of his teammates

 There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team

Adelina said that through training, she participated in the study, in the study of perception, surmount herself constantly.

Kane said Outward bound training taught us to be grateful, grateful to the company, our team. As an employee of the company, we should strengthen our confidence, innovate and make progress

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