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by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-27
Polyurethane ( 聚氨酯) Is a new kind of organic polymer materials, is widely used because of its excellent performance and national economy numerous fields. In recent years, with the national environmental protection efforts to limit emissions of organic solvent, the concept of water-borne polyurethane has shifted from a product, starting to get market recognition and popularity. Waterborne polyurethane has gets gradually the favour of people, also is the inevitable trend in the future replace solvent-based polyurethane. Waterborne polyurethane emulsion manufacturers polyurethane is on the main chain containing repeat carbamate group ( - - - - - - NHCOO - ) The macromolecular compounds. After it is made of organic diisocyanate isocyanate and polyol dihydroxy or addition polymerization, mainly divided into polyester polyurethane and polyether type polyurethane two kinds big. Carbamate polyurethane macromolecules, in addition to outside, still contain ether, grease, urea, biuret urea base formic acid ester groups, etc. Polyurethane synthetic route waterborne polyurethane is water instead of organic solvent, as a new system of new type polyurethane dispersion medium, also known as polyurethane or water-based polyurethane water dispersion of polyurethane, river systems. Waterborne polyurethane with water as solvent, with no pollution, safe and reliable, excellent mechanical properties, good compatibility, easy modification, etc. Waterborne polyurethane resin has been gradually replaced by solvent, become an important direction of development of polyurethane industry. Can be widely used in coating, adhesive, waterborne polyurethane coated fabric and finishing agent, paper surface treatment agent, leather finishing agent and fiber surface treatment agent. The classification of waterborne polyurethane (pu) due to the diversity of pu raw materials and formulation, after 40 years of development of waterborne polyurethane, people have developed many kinds of preparation methods and formula. Water-based polyurethane variety, can be classified according to a variety of methods. Ways of curing classification according to appearance classification according to the nature of the hydrophilic groups classified according to molecular side chain waterborne polyurethane or whether containing ionic groups on main chain, divided into anionic, cationic and nonionic. Yin, type of cationic waterborne polyurethane is also known as ionomer water-based polyurethane. Waterborne polyurethane manufacturer's raw material classification in polyurethane isocyanate raw material, can be divided into aromatic isocyanate, aliphatic isocyanate, alicyclic isocyanate type. According to the specific material can also be subdivided, such as TDI, HDI, and so on. Classified by aqueous method according to the preparation method has a variety of classification comparison, the emulsion prepared emulsion, small molecules due to the hydrophilic emulsifier residues, influence the properties of cured polyurethane film, and the emulsification method to eliminate the evils. The preparation of waterborne polyurethane is given priority to with the ionic emulsification method at present. The most commonly used method since emulsification legal waterborne polyurethane pre polymers dispersion method and acetone method. Method has the advantage of acetone, methyl ethyl ketone ketone of low boiling point, and water capacity, easy recycling, the system uniform, easy to operate. Due to the lower viscosity and lower the concentration, which is beneficial to made before emulsification of high molecular weight polymers or polyurethane resin, the emulsion membrane performance is better than pure pre polymers method. The dimer method because of the limitation of viscosity to shear dispersion, not too high molecular weight polymers, may affect the performance of waterborne polyurethane, such as high viscosity, emulsification is difficult, particle size is big, the emulsion stability; Pre polymers small molecular weight, high content of NCO group, emulsification, after the formation of the urea key film hard, lack of flexibility. According to the performance improvement classification '& other waterborne polyurethane Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Volatile organic compounds pollution prevention work plan ( Hereinafter referred to as 'scheme') Requirements, should from the source to strengthen control, using low ( No) VOCs concentration of raw and auxiliary materials, strengthening waste gas collection, efficient management facilities installation. This means that, in many industries, the raw material end faces the proposition of oil to water. Now that waterborne polyurethane can provide low (for downstream industries No) Product content of VOCs was deeply understand the importance of waterborne polyurethane is self-evident!
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