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Panjin HENKEL pressure sensitive adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-28
Panjin HENKEL how pressure sensitive adhesive panjin HENKEL pressure sensitive adhesive is suitable for on-line peel lee, without thermalization PH 6. 0 ~ 7. 0 work to maintain good health habits stored in shady and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ dry after printing water-based laminating adhesive edit operation performance is good, easy to besmear to brush, easy to clean, wet cloth to wipe away dirt viscosity of 10000 ~ 300000 mpa. S if the glue on the skin, can clean water and soap. Customer the smell of the product is not the same as the smell of hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive in the customer's product quality than the average are very few, under 5%, is the smell of the customer product source, is not. So, the smell of the customer product evaluation and from its so looking for raw materials. Not so products are requirements, on the contrary, many big brands products have the smell of their own characteristics, the smell become a factor in its brand recognition. In the health products industry, add flavor to become a unique technology, brand can be highlighted by the aroma of different production. Different international five-star hotel, the hall has a different smell. Scent of a person, wen xiang known brand. Used by the tool before drying of glue can be used warm water to clean. In the actual production of the printing plant, the idea of workers in small labor for reward. Odor evaluation: 10, when pur hot melt adhesive machine heating platen press into the new polyurethane plastic barrels, should open the glue valve, discharge air in yu plastic barrels, completely will take air bubbles pur hot melt glue to rule out clean, avoid polyurethane hot melt adhesive with air into the pump body and the hot melt adhesive machine in the throat. (2) the container; (5) used as purlin or rafters box beam and other types of woven beams; ( 5) Microelectronics adhesive in the aspect of integrated circuits, electrical components, optoelectronic devices require very high degree of precision, cannot be automatically extended and usage of special adhesive. The smell of hot melt adhesive measurement can be divided into instrumental determination method and olfactory determination method. Instrument measurement method is purely physical measurement, is the determination of volatile components, such as the determination of VOC, with some limitations, such as VOC qualified but the smell is still can not meet the requirement of the customer, volatile gases and taste no inevitable relations. Here I focus on the sense of smell assay. Not yet found a hot melt glue smell of national standard, but the smell of the binder to standard, this standard is suitable for solvent cement without appropriate hot melt adhesive, because the customer have higher requirements on the smell of hot melt adhesive. Some hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive users have different methods for measuring the performance of hot melt glue smell standards. The following two examples illustrate. If you are unwell seek immediate emulsion type and solvent type and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. Brush glue can be cleaned with warm water. Smell six standard: 1 without peculiar smell; 2 a slight odor; 3 have a taste, but do not stimulate; 4 a stimulating smell; 5 strong pungent odor; 6 can't stand the smell. How about a file HENKEL pressure sensitive adhesive 2. Water-based glue is tasteless, not burning, resistance to yellowing for four. Level 5 above, suitable for light color and higher requirements on resistance to yellowing of the material. According to the provisions of GB/T 4851. 1 no smell odour level 4 standard:; 2 smells perceptible, but can not accept; 3 the smell of hate, can not accept, very nasty smell, can't accept it. Can be the coating after curing. Such as: water dispensers, coffee pot, hairdressing equipment and lighting products cover; Fireproof silicone tube: type fire resistant, resistant to high pressure, high temperature resistant and environmental protection, etc. Panjin HENKEL pressure sensitive adhesive how universal, used in many outdoor facilities.
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