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Paper, waterborne polyurethane coating with acrylic paste

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-20
Waterborne polyurethane resin coating, is to use water-based coating of waterborne pu as the main raw material to produce, because of the water as a dispersion system, non-toxic, no smell, nonflammable, waterborne polyurethane coating with good flexibility, good resistance to friction, excellent chemical resistance and durability are, therefore, since the 1960 s began to rapidly waterborne polyurethane are widely used in waterborne wood paint, rubber paint, all kinds of waterproof coating, anti-corrosive coating, coating fabric, leather, coatings, printing inks, synthetic rubber, especially the car interior with a rubber, rubber, or even used in water-borne polyurethane is also used to a new energy lithium battery in the electrolytic reaction. Has a wide application of waterborne polyurethane coating, will have the customer need to water-borne polyurethane coating color matching water-based printing ink, so there are often customers ask Shanghai pu color paste color raw? Professional and technical master color born salespeople will first tell the customer to form a complete set of polyurethane coating color paste, and carefully ask customer application USES, the requirement of color, such as polyurethane wood paint colorants need temperature resistant performance is good, good acid and alkali resistance. There can be no yellowing, paste in the performance of the paint is the assurance of polyurethane coating color performance! With the wide development of plastic products, in order to prolong the service life of plastic products, the engineers in the material surface to increase a layer of coating, polyurethane coating were selected as the most suitable coating, and form a complete set of polyurethane color paste, color need to be considered superior weatherability performance! In addition to the polyurethane color paste when the choice must pay attention to the coating application requirements, and safety requirements is also need paint formula engineer need enough to need attention when choosing color paste! Do not contain heavy metals, excluding some disable trace toxic substances, in coatings are applied in export products, more attention should be paid to polyurethane color paste is in line with the north American or European safety standards. This is also very important selection criteria! Choosing a third element of the polyurethane color paste, want to choose the solid content of high concentration of color paste, should not choose the cheap color concentration too low amount of polyurethane color paste, make sure to add the principle of as little as possible, make sure the paint does not cause damage because of the paste to add too much.
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