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Papermaking chemicals how much your family? The expert action

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-12
The classification of the papermaking chemicals application products, are the three basic elements to join point and consumption. In order to use paper-making chemicals, well the first thing to choose the right product, secondly to add the right place, the third to control the dosage. Determines the amount of the chemical dosage, its importance is obvious. In addition, once the chemicals are used, to replace the product or change to join points are usually very difficult, time consuming, can't just do it, only the dosage can adjust anywhere, anytime. So in the applications of chemicals, dosage adjustment is the most commonly used means of optimization. Research, development, production and application of chemical dosage and procurement activities are inseparable from the parameters, see more, we slowly become accustomed to, also seldom go to explore. Papermaking chemical literature is numerous, but does not see more specifically discusses the usage of articles. The number of defined as the name implies, the dosage is used. Consumption amount can be said, for example: annual consumption; Can also be said addition amount, for example: tons of paper consumption. Traditionally, when used for effect comparison, often by effective content meter; If used in the production of control or cost comparison, according to the concentrate more or the second-stage project. Dosage has a variety of expressions, such as percentage, PPM, kg/t and so on. Importance is important, because it directly determine the chemical usage effect. Shortage of dosage of chemicals to produce the desired effect. However, in practice, chemical usage without an obvious foot and standard, so a lot of time mill all say not clear with the dosage of the chemicals will be enough, this is one of the difficult points of control the dosage of chemicals. Since consumption is so important, more not to go, but it was not so simple, because the dosage also directly affect the cost of the application of chemicals. In a market economy environment, the enterprise in response to market competition, need to decrease the production cost. For chemicals, the simplest way to reduce costs is the reduction of consumption. Control chemicals dosage difficulty, therefore, the second is to add sufficient dosage, to achieve the desired effect; And want to reduce the amount of one thousand, in order to reduce the production cost. Third, in addition to the effect and cost, for some chemicals, the dosage of high and low also can cause other problems. AKD had a best dosage, for example, more than the best dosage, spare part will cause paper too small friction coefficient, sheet caused by sliding, AKD and accumulation in the whitewater will cause a sticky roller, such as paste mesh manufacture paper with pulp obstacles.
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