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Papermaking chemicals should use, someone told you?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-21
The importance of the papermaking chemicals company since needless to say, so many kinds, how to use but learned well. With the development of papermaking technology, the importance of the use of wet end chemicals has been accepted by more and more manufacturers. According to different properties and use characteristics of wet end chemicals, how to add them correctly has become a difficult problem in front of each manufacturer. Paper machine wet end chemicals can be divided into two broad categories: according to the function different 1. Functional chemicals, such as AKD, dyes, whitening agent, filler, etc. , these chemicals directly affect the various physical and optical properties of paper; 2. Process control of chemicals, such as retention aid, wet starch, fungicide, coating damage control agent and so on, is the main purpose of such chemicals need to maintain normal operation of the machine, also have indirect effects on paper performance. Different pulp after beating, respectively, in proportion to blend into the short cycle system. Pulp was thick white water to dilute, then the desanding, degassing and screening stage junior inflow pulp box. In the process of the system, various kinds of wet end chemicals are added to the pulp. Here are all kinds of chemicals are discussed respectively. Department of AKD and wet type cationic starch is a fibrous reaction AKD neutral sizing agent, through fiber under neutral condition and hydroxy reaction and spread out on the fiber surface and make the paper with water resistance. Nature of AKD is not stable, affected by factors such as temperature, impurity, easy hydrolysis metamorphism, lose sizing effect and defiled the surface of the nets, blankets, and equipment, to paper machine operation difficult. Due to tiny fiber, filler and other anion material has larger specific surface area, compared with fiber, more easy to react with AKD, influence of fiber sizing effect. To join wet cationic starch in order to increase the stability of AKD, improve the retention of AKD. According to the above mentioned properties characteristics of AKD, the join point there are two options: 1) Add thick pulp, such as paper machine slurry pool. Choose the join point has the advantage of fiber and AKD reaction first, at the same time, the reaction time is longer, to avoid the fines and packing materials such as interference, but this way of joining because of AKD stay in the system for a longer time, increase the degree of hydrolysis of AKD; 2) Add in the slurry, such as the second before the slurry pump. The join point has the advantage of AKD in the system time is shorter, the low degree of hydrolysis, but tiny fiber and filler material and at the same time for the AKD colloidal particles, fiber sizing effect it will have a certain degree of damage. Wet end cationic starch should be added before the AKD ( Such as paper machine slurry pool) Or after a place not far away. Brightener ( OBA) And all are anionic dye bleaching agent and dye material, easy to react with cationic material, cause discoloration problem. The two substances should be added before joining all chemicals, such as mixing machine of paper pulp pool or slurry pool, make its have enough time to react with fiber, avoid the interference of other cationic substances. On the other hand, some low molecular weight and high electrical positive polymers, wet strength resin and cationic starch can be negative dye adsorption, improve the retention of dye. In actual production, the OBA respectively in the paper machine slurry pool and the first to rush before the slurry pump, dye and in front of the slurry pump is the first to rush at the same time, these two approaches for whitening effect is not obvious change in the paper. OBA has a way of joining, which two-thirds in short cycle system, a third in the surface sizing starch, confirmed by production application whitening effect is not obvious. Laboratory studies have shown that the 100 g/m2 of the following paper, the surface coating on the surface of the 1 g/m2 / starch, the starch will penetrate into the middle of paper, so if the OBA is added in the starch, it will be as the starch solution infiltration of paper inside. So, within the pulp and the difference is not big. Packing packing is all in the wet end chemicals in the production process to join the largest amount of parts, it gave the paper to all kinds of optical and physical properties. Packing can join point before the desander, may also after the desander.
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