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Papermaking enterprises a glimmer of teacher to teach you how to find paper disease commonly used method

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-22
Due to the variety of papermaking chemicals company paper, use of raw material variety is different also, and in the process of production, production methods, process conditions of different, thus causes disease of paper also many. Some people encounter paper paper disease after don't know where laid a hand on him, but felt unprepared. In fact, when learned that this paper is produced in a certain place ( If press) , it can be handy to deal with. While others are another kind of circumstance, namely the causes of disease one paper only comes down to a certain aspect, not paper disease emergence of multi-dimensional analysis, the result is to adopt a isolated way to deal with, often get satisfactory effect. Therefore, when we on the analysis of the paper the cause of disease, must according to the five major factors affecting the quality of products: people, equipment and spare parts ( Wool, copper network) , process operating conditions, the change of raw materials, production environment to find the main paper disease reason, accomplish know fairly well. 1. Caused by mechanical damage or process spare paper disease caused the reason for this paper has certain periodicity and regularity. Such as hole, hole, etc. , each comes once in a while, this is due to the defect of the equipment or process spare parts, then just notice paper disease appeared the distance, you know what is the part of paper is ill. Such as a paper disease comes once every 3 meters, it can be thought of as a mesh on the paper disease ( This is the diameter & phi; 1000 mm round mesh cage said, when the round mesh diameter & phi; 1500 mm paper disease occurs when the spacing should be 4. 7 meters or so) The distance, if a paper disease appear just agree with long wool circle, can determine is hair clothes has a problem, the same method can also determine appeared in the roller dryer, the paper on the disease. 2. Raw materials of pathogenic disease (some paper Such as dust, spots) , mainly comes from the pulp or auxiliary materials, the raw material itself is bad quality or processing, the pulp is to make the paper more dust in the dust, paper spots such as the causes of disease. 3. The paper disease some disease (are caused the bad environment Such as dust, bumps, hole, hole) , is caused because of poor environmental conditions, such as the flood season, the river turbidity ambassador paper yellow; Low winter temperatures, large indoor air moisture content; Steam drying cylinder cover drainage difficulty, enclosure or roof or equipment rail and beam sheet after squeezing or pressure light after the drop of forming hole or holes; Smudgy damaged paper, food and fruit shell in slurry pool is mixed with damaged paper shredder, paper dust; Wrapped slurry on the frame, roller block out the following form the pulp a knot; Device drip smudgy paper form stain; Tape on mixed in the damaged paper that cause calender rollers and caused by holes and so on. Numerous lift is caused because of the bad environment. 4. Papermaking chemicals magazine process conditions, the operation method is not correct to also cause disease, all the parts of the paper moisture control is bad, roller pressure is inconsistent, all paper tension between the transmission side is unreasonable, can cause paper wrinkle passbook, glossy or matte stripe, etc. When sizing rosin emulsion is bad, rosin particle glue roller hole or holes in the press. In actual production, the worker paper summarizes some find the experience of disease reasons, mainly include: to observe the paper disease regularity, pursue paper disease location; Query paper disease files; Exhaustive method and so on. So-called exhaustive method is a special paper the causes of disease and background complex, can take the first doubt project classification, one number, and then one by one, to change a project ( Other conditions are the same) And reference checks. Eventually find clear paper disease causes and decisive.
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