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Papermaking industry depth adjustment, the papermaking chemicals for which business opportunities?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-20
Although papermaking industry growth is slowing, but growth in recycled paper to occupy the vast majority of, at the same time high-grade paper, high-end paper, specialty paper products has formed the new requirements, will drive the papermaking chemicals company rise in consumption and structure adjustment. This is China's chemical industry press in Beijing from September 17, 2015 cipte international papermaking technology information report meeting. Papermaking industry after nearly a decade of rapid development, into the growth stage. National Bureau of Statistics data show that in the first half of this year the papermaking industry revenue rose by 2. 14%, down from 2014 the year 4. 88% year-on-year, and 6. The growth rate of 18%. Under relatively weak economic environment, demand growth, environmental protection policy jolt, slowed papermaking industry revenue growth. China chemical industry news reporter learned that the current papermaking industry has two characteristics, one is the contract, the production of paper making industry is negative. In addition to paper or positive growth, output and various main paper production, most of the present contract. Second, differentiation, increase of concentration of large enterprises, small businesses out faster. Inside the machine made paper enterprises nearly ten percent in the first quarter of this year was eliminated by merger or forced. According to Cao Zhenlei vice executive director of the China papermaking society, nearly three years, domestic consumption of paper production and stable at around 100 million tons. Papermaking industry entered the depth adjustment. In the transformation of the adjustment of the pulp and paper industry, paper making chemicals with new business opportunities. For example, & other Water ten & throughout; New environmental protection laws and regulations such as introduced in the papermaking industry & other Iron & throughout; , these measures the specialty chemicals constitutes the demand for green environmental protection, including water treatment chemicals, surface sizing agent, fungicide, etc. Best consulting co. , LTD. , general manager of Li Li ping said that from 2011 to 2013 a total of eliminating paper backward production capacity of 27 million tons, the increased cost of environmental forcing firms to use more lower prices of raw materials, finished fiber pulp, chemical pulp products to replace imports long fiber pulp. High quality low price of chemical pulp become one of the domestic enterprises for the future development direction. The current paper industry demand structure is changing. , according to the pulp paper product council is expected to 2015 ~ 2019, the global end USES of chemical pulp products, household paper of new demand for 3. 3 million tons, the new demand of 1. 6 million tons, special paper and fluffy pulp and culture paper due to electronic reading and emerging media and the influence of the economic cycle will reduce 400000 tons. In demand change, the wrapping paper is become the breach of the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry. There will be a part of the culture industry insiders predict mill production wrapping paper, also means that the demand for related chemicals. Paper market mainly include corrugated paper box board, white cardboard, white cardboard, etc. Asian corrugated paper box board needs 72 million tons, accounting for 47% of global consumption, and more than half of the Asian consumer demand in China. Corrugated paper box board over the past decade, Asia demand increased by 31 million tons, with wood pulp resource scarcity, the vast majority of growth for regeneration level, mainly produced by imported and domestic waste production. According to introducing, adding amount of paper making chemicals technology accounts for only 1% ~ 5% of the total paper, but the production and economic benefits of paper can play a decisive role, can make less fiber ( Such as non wood fiber, secondary fiber, etc. ) Produced with wood fiber is close to or the same quality of high-grade high quality paper. Waste paper consumption growth also lead to pulp bleaching chemicals and deinking chemicals consumption rise. “ Over the next five years, the paper industry of the world's biggest growth markets is still in China, chemical pulp products demand is expected cumulative growth of 4 million tons, accounting for 80% of the world, by 2019, and although growth is slowing, but in our country or demand will exceed 20 million tons. ” Li Li pointed out. Analysts believe that high-grade paper, high-end paper, specialty paper products as well as overseas market has formed the new requirements, structural adjustment will also drive the papermaking chemicals. Used in high-grade paper, specialty paper papermaking chemicals both in technology, quality or quantity still have development space. As head of the Asian market yao enthalpy, concentration is low, the rising cost of environmental protection has become the bottleneck of China's paper industry development problems, and at the same time, the field of high-end products have a large number of imports. Challenges from the outside world will become a waste paper pulp and paper industry development, such as waste water recycling, improve industrial concentration of good opportunity. It may also will drive the papermaking chemicals to speed up the pace of structural adjustment. Chemical industry is closely connected with papermaking papermaking and chemical industry. Most paper production need chemical products. One of the basic chemical raw materials, such as caustic soda, sodium sulfide, calcium hypochlorite, China clay, etc. ; Another kind is to add less papermaking chemicals, such as sizing agent, retention and agent, strengthening agent, deinking agent, etc. Although the dosage is small, but play a decisive role on the paper quality and performance. With increasingly scarce resources, the increasing requirements of environmental protection, high and new technology advances, waste paper recycling proportion revolutionary to improve, people also more and more diversified demand for paper and paperboard, etc, all kinds of novel papermaking chemicals constantly emerging. Paper chemicals market are expanding. According to incomplete statistics, at present the United States, Western Europe and Japan three market consumption of paper making chemicals is worth nearly $30 billion, more than $100 of whom were just ordinary chemicals, such as chlorine, filler, pigment and aluminum compound, the rest of the more than $200 is a special paper chemicals.
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