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Paver Sealer Acrylic Modified Silicone Hydrophobic Sealer SA-901

Paver Sealer SA-901 Acrylic Modified Silicone Hydrophobic Sealer


SA-901 is water based acrylic modified silicone sealer, which penetrates into the pavers and provides a hydrophobic coating. It can inhibit the algae and mold with good abrasion resistant.

Typical Properties


Milky white liquid



Solid content


Glass Transition Temperature


Viscosity (25℃)


Cover area

12-20 sqm/L

Diluted ratio

1 parts water :1 part sealer

Dry to touch

0.5-1 hour

Dry to Recoat

4 hours

Dry to traffic

48-72 hours

Key Features

● Wet-look
● UV protection
● Algae and mold inhibitor
● Provides a hydrophobic barrier
● May be applied to a damp surface
● User friendly and environmentally safe
● Excellent joint stabilization, no need for polymeric sand


● Brick paver
● Stone paver
● Floor coating


Storage and Handling

How to use

1. Pressure Washing:

Pressure washes the area to be sealed, ensuring that surfaces are clean and free of oil, efflorescence, laitance or contaminants prior to beginning the sealing process. Remove at least 1 to 2 inches of the old joint sand so new coarse sand can be replaced between the paver joints.

2. Rinsing:

Rinse the pavers with water. If any acids/cleaners were used during the cleaning phase, make sure that the acids and cleaners are thoroughly rinsed before sealing.


SA-901 can be applied even though the pavers are damp. It cannot be applied to pavers in standing water, as the sealer will not cure and stabilize the joint sand. Dilute 1 part water and 1 part sealer for the flood coat and top coat. We recommend multiple coats for extremely absorbent pavers. A slip guard additive may be necessary with additional coats. Using our battery operated pail pump system or pump sprayer, uniformly apply a flood coat of sealer for joint stabilization. Hold sprayer tip 10” – 12” from the paver surface (avoid overspray on adjacent surfaces, rinse any overspray with water). Sealer appears white when applied but dries crystal clear. Make sure to apply sealer consistently to prevent blotching. (Back rolling is recommended for consistency) Pavers with polymeric sand, we recommend two even consistent coats of sealer without flooding the paver joints. Use a leaf blower to blow out any excessive sealer that puddles in the paver joints or low lying areas with textured pavers and or natural stone. Excess sealer may be stored for future use.

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