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PC lens surface anti-fog case

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-14
This example in the PC lenses, for example, the use of new material well in glass plastic anti-fog coating disposed, compared before and after the use, the coating after curing with surface with a super hydrophilic, make water even in formation water curtain coating, when the moisture in the fog reaches a certain amount of accumulation, and under a certain inclination to take away the dust on the surface of the substrate, self-cleaning, anti-fog function; Super hydrophilic properties make base material surface water molecules to form water droplets, so unable to form fog. This coating hydrophilic Angle under 5 DHS, and general object surface and the contact Angle of water in the DHS 20 ~ 30 DHS, so it is easy to form water drops, and not easy to tumble. And drip dry process of dust, easy adsorption environment will further formation of dirt. Application direction security monitoring windshield glass or plastic transparent shell helmet cameras wind protective glass lens, snow lens, swimming mirror lens bathroom mirror mirror car glass, light glass, mirror glass screen anti-fog freezers glass, etc. Construction method 1, before the base material of construction need to be cleaned, ensure no oil, no oxide, dry no moisture. 2, can use curtain coating and dip coating. 3, construction temperature: 20 - 15 ° C, relative humidity: 60 ~ 80%. 4, the construction environment cleanliness within the class of 1000, per unit of cubic feet of size zero or more. 5 microns of dust particle < 1000. Prevent mist effect PC lens anti-fog effect video display video watching address: https://v. 优酷。 com/v_show/id_XNDAxNjg2MjIxMg==. 超文本标记语言
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