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PCB circuit boards nano waterproof coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-06
Nano coating is electronic products, PCB circuit board waterproof moistureproof prevent salt fog corrosion advanced materials although traditional anti-corrosion paint products also has many characteristics, such as moisture, shock, dust, but with the development of science and technology and people material life is increasing day by day, the consumer puts forward more requirements on the quality of the products, people no longer need a simple and crude is three products, but to meet more the demand of environmental protection, health, light, etc. Efforts in supervising the related countries and economies on imports surge, barriers to entry, use the low end of the material in the production of low quality products manufacturing enterprises face greater survival challenge, more and more aware of this, high-end manufacturing and into r&d and innovation, constantly improve quality, began to find and use more advanced cutting-edge materials and technology. Nano moistureproof and anticorrosive coating is waterproof moisture-proof electronics PCB advanced representative of salt fog corrosion materials, nanostructured coatings not only has the traditional anti-corrosion paint basic protection features, also solved some anti-corrosion paint can't solve the problem, the surge protection and environmental performance, TIS grace - shenzhen NM nano nano coating moistureproof coating as PCB industry pioneer and practitioners, the product has won many domestic listed company test. Grace ( 这- - - - - - NM) Nano waterproof coating on the PCB features: in the new material PCB waterproof coating is a kind of transparent without chlorine, moistureproof prevent wet corrosion liquid nano coatings, in line with the eu environmental protection standard, ROHS, REACH 168 certification testing, MSDS chemical safety data sheets. Well in new material development of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion series of nano materials with various PCB base material has good combining ability. In the PCB board surface forming super hydrophobic effect of nano film, like the lotus leaf effect, can let the electronic components surface to form a powerful nano protective film, effectively prevent electronics components on PCB PCB wading be affected with damp be affected with damp and acid and alkali salt corrosion. By soaking the construction methods of nano coating permeability to electronic components of the pin feet around, and various subtle gap to achieve full coverage and package, which make our products fully three-dimensional waterproof resistance to salt fog effect. The operation is simple, only takes 5 seconds to soak out natural drying out 10 minutes at room temperature, without heating drying, without additional equipment. The cost is low, such as sports headphones, for example, 1 kg of nano waterproof liquid can be about more than 8000 processing PCB. Made waterproof after only when the individual components rework after welding in the use of brush to brush waterproof liquid solder joints. Much more concentration level products, suitable for different applications, can choose according to your specific requirements for quality applicable series, may choose again after the sample test. 8. 这- - - - - - NM nano coating has passed the ASTM ( The American association of materials and experimental) B117- 11 salt spray ( NSS) Test, test conditions for ( 5±1) % NaCL( m/m) , the test temperature for ( 35±2) ℃, salt fog settlement ( 1. 0 ~ 2. 0) ml/( 80 cm2˙h) , experiments of R3004, R3006 series products of performance are excellent, salt mist 24 hours test model of the metal surface coating damage area is smaller than similar products. Appearance: transparent
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