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PET anti-fog film anti-fog coating characteristics and roller production

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-26
PET anti-fog film - PET anti-fog film 【 anti-fog coating roller coating 反 雾电影】 Features: high light transmittance, good optical performance, superior visible light transmittance of high weather resistance: adopt high weatherability of PET film as the backing material, mechanical strength, resistance to high and low temperature high persistence: resistant to wipe clean, convenient maintenance and management, use for a long time also can maintain security: anti-fog function concurrently when it is applied in a mirror or glass glass explosion-proof function operate convenience: with adhesive layer, then the installation is simple, easy in firm bonding of the substrate, also won't track anti-fog film after off the scope of application: building exterior wall decoration, Transmission of light is wonderful, better field of vision, better daylighting rate) The bathroom and shower mirror ( When bath mirror is not affected by the interference of the fog, is still clearly visible) Freezer and cooked food cupboard door ( No electricity, no power, no radiation, clear line of sight, energy conservation and emissions reduction) Industrial safety and sport cap, glasses and mask ( Improve security) Instrument surface and the lens surface of glass, auto glass screen, touch screen, etc
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