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Polyurethane and general epoxy products application

Polyurethane and general epoxy products application


Polyurethane and general epoxy products application
The use of the two products requires strengthened compressive tensile cement floors or floors and drainage ditches that are resistant to corrosion by strong acids and alkalis, such as chemicals, metallurgical plants, electroplating plants, power plants, pharmaceutical plants, PCB circuit board plants, paper mills, Hardware factory, printing and dyeing factory, etc.
product feature:
1.Both have good tensile resistance, not cracking, not falling off and other properties;
2.Both are resistant to corrosion of strong acid, alkali and various oil substances
3.Both of them have the properties of dustproof and waterproof surface, such as wear resistance, weight resistance and impact resistance
4.The former finish is suitable for outdoor, the latter for indoor; The greater weakness or weakness of the latter is the fear of strong ultraviolet rays,In the strong ultraviolet radiation will occur yellow change, that is, fade, but will not decompose also affect the use;But the former is much better than the latter in terms of weather resistance, especially the yellowing time is much longer than the latter,In particular, the yellowing time of the former is much longer than the latter, so the former is often used for outdoor construction requirements.

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