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Polyurethane modified acrylic emulsion

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-23
In water-based polymer, and water-borne polyurethane is representative of two types of environmentally friendly materials. Waterborne acrylic emulsion synthesis by emulsion polymerization process, formula has hundreds of years of history, waterborne polyurethane synthesis using stepwise polymerization process, from the 1960 s began to emerge. Two kinds of material have their advantages and disadvantages. 1 water-based acrylic acid has good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and good resistance to acid and alkali salt low reactivity of pigment. Is not used in the whole process of emulsion polymerization solvent, but in the end product of monomer is difficult to completely extraction clean, also limits its applications in some fields. Acrylic resin structure for linear structure commonly, for thermoplastic materials, sensitive to temperature, often characterized by hot sticky cold short features, and film forming of poor water resistance and solvent resistance. Polyurethane resin because of its unique micro phase separation structure, the film has excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance and low temperature resistance, moreover in the film gloss, finished product is better than the acrylic resin emulsion of environmental protection, but not its cost advantage compared with acrylic acid. So people usually adopt polyurethane to modification of acrylic acid emulsion, make the performance advantage and cost does not add much to each other. 2 water-borne acrylic latex solid content difference usually there are two ways to modify. Is a kind of physical mixing method, another is chemical copolymerization method. Physical mixing method is relatively simple, mainly USES the carbamate in the polar atoms of hydrogen and oxygen atoms to form hydrogen bond effects of acrylic ester in the key to improve the solubility of the two, but weak hydrogen bonding interaction, therefore, the physical blending, the intersolubility between them is poorer, characterized by film-forming opaque, obviously improve the mechanical properties of no and system stability. Therefore, the search for using chemical method using polyurethane modified acrylic emulsion copolymerization. The modified method is more, including seed emulsion polymerization, unsaturated compound sealing method, phase inversion of solution polymerization method and grafted interpenetrating network, core-shell polymerization, etc.
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