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Portable players PCB moistureproof prevent salt fog nano coating operation instance

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-28
MP3, MP4 player, although has gradually become a thing of the past, but in some less developed countries around the world are in the sell like hot cakes, when used for a handheld product produced by random factors will be more, if the circuit board the TIS - NM nano coating can effectively prevent the accident fell down and damaged, can prevent hand sweat on the PCB components of salt fog corrosion, effectively enhance the durability of the product, more important is TIS - NM nano coating accord with the eu RoHS, REACH, such as certification, very suitable for export products, the thickness of ultra-thin, cooling performance is good, also won't haunt for product appearance design, working temperature for - 80 - - - 130 degrees Celsius, the use of some cold and hot areas are not affected. PCB board the TIS - player NM nano coating waterproof anti-corrosion processing, customers simple test video as follows: video address: http://v. 优酷。 com/v_show/id_XMTkyMTU5MzQxNg==。 html #协议书
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