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Printed summary of mucilage

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-20
A, the definition of mucilage glue paste mainly refers to the raw rubber mixing rubber or after dissolved in appropriate solvent into colloidal solution. Made from latex or mixed glue some of mucilage (commonly known as the water Water-based glue paste, water environmental protection rubber paste) 。 Mucilage is divided into no pulp or raw rubber vulcanized rubber paste and sulfide slurry mixing mortar (or Contains vulcanizing agent, promoter, etc. ) Two categories. General combining ability is larger than the latter, in normal temperature sulfur precipitation topaz body, has the stability, vulcanization adhesion, before after vulcanization bonding strength is big, to glue rubber parts, etc. , can be raw rubber mixing rubber and solvent in the mucilage machine or integrated by stirring. Commonly used solvents is gasoline, benzene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, etc. According to the requirements of use can be made into thin and thick paste and mucilage. Second, the characteristics of the mucilage ( 1) Using water as medium, small, toxic compound, save energy, reduce waste, use a variety of different performance of synthetic polymer compound, distribution respectively, and the polymerization speed dispersed evenly, in order to achieve the combination of different performance products, the use of safe, stable shelf life should store under the sun, can reach 60 days - at the moment Shelf life of more than 120 days, the product is available in 5 ℃ - Using 38 ℃ temperatures. ( 2) Is based on natural rubber and synthetic rubber polymer as the main raw material, water as solvent, cooperate with various tackifier, curing agent, plasticizer, dispersing agent, filler and other additives, etc. , under a certain temperature after composite, distribution and reaction kettle hot melt, through the role of the emulsifier regulate water and solvent, grease, tackifier, latex and other polymer compounds, increase the affinity of rubber with water and form a very harmonious and steady state of a water-soluble copolymer emulsion. Three, the classification of mucilage ( 1) Mucilage according to use can be divided into: usually mucilage and the special mucilage. Mucilage usually only used for printing using slurry, usually don't need to achieve special effect. Itself can be classified as transparent, white latex, ( Printing mucilage) Color printing paste and hood light slurry. Pulp: (1) transparent transparent paste printed on cloth itself is transparent without any hiding power, and therefore is only applicable to light fabric printing is applied, the high strength because of its own resin content and strong degree is better than white mucilage, mixed with white mucilage used not only to increase solid degree, will also be able to add luster and elasticity, but poor hiding power; (2) white mucilage: white mucilage itself is white, can be used in the white printing, covering power is strong, white mucilage its high content of titanium dioxide, thus strong degree is poorer; (3) color printing paste: two links, namely 30% white mucilage, about 70% of the slurry can be used for brunet cloth, color printing color printing paste, printing paste can lower both colorants dosage, and can achieve very good color saturation and colorful covering power; (4) the plasma coat: because some mucilage its brightness is not very high, will hit a layer mask in its appearance light pulp, finishing pulp mainly is to improve the brightness of a pulp printing product appearance. ( 2) Mucilage on the basis of different fabrics can be divided into: usually mucilage; Swimsuit mucilage, ( Printing mucilage) Nylon mucilage; Waterproof nylon mucilage; The cowboy mucilage, etc. ( 3) On the need of environmental protection of different can be divided into: green mucilage and non environmental mucilage. ( 4) According to gloss different can be divided into: bright luster mucilage, matte mucilage, etc. ( 5) According to the printing effect can be divided into: common foam, foam printing, flocking printing, flocking printing, bronzing, printing, stereo bronzing printing, light scraps of polyester printed, rotten cotton printing, printing printing, cracking, cracking printing, discharge printing, discharge printing knitting cowboy printed, printed glass beads, plastic beads and so on.
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