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Printing ink ten problems caused by the company and solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-12
Today in the er, plastic ink manufacturer in printing process are summarized in the ten big problem caused by printing ink, list the following effective solution, for your reference. A, hue ( Unable to elicit standard hue) 1. Water-based plastic ink low viscosity of the solution: join not diluted 2 original ink. Ink separation, precipitation solution: the ink fully mixing. 3. Inking amount low solution: increase the amount of ink on 4. Ink transfer bad solution: check the roller and plate 2, viscosity ( Unable to reach the viscosity) 1. Shake denaturation solution of ink: ink circulation after the determination of 2. Bubble solution: join defoaming agent 3. Solvent evaporation solution: add 4 special solvent. Water dilute solution: too much and joined the original ink thickener, print three poor drying ( Drying too slow) 1. Water-based plastic printing ink viscosity is too high the solution: dilute ink. 2. Heap ink solution: adjust the version and the layout of high and low pressure differential 3. Ink drying non-performing solution: join quick-drying agent 4, heap ink: 1. Plate thickness uneven solution: high and low 2 pages. Too much pressure solution: reduce the version 3. Ink viscosity is too high the solution: join thinner, 4. On a large amount of ink; The solution: reduce the amount of ink on five, 1 have burrs. Ink viscosity is too high the solution: to reduce ink viscosity of 2. Ink drying too fast solution: join the slow drying agent, adjust the drying speed. 3. Version version of the solution: pressure is too big to reduce pressure, printing is not clear. Imbalance of the plate thickness, hardness is low; The solution: height difference and hardness of 2 pages. Pressure is too large, Solution: adjust the version 3. Water-based plastic printing ink viscosity is too high the solution: adjust the viscosity of 4. Solution: ink volume is too big adjustment on seven, paper on ink transfer ink amount less than 1. Printing pressure is insufficient; Solution: increase the printing press 2. India's poor, Solution: check the version of the hardness. 3. Insufficient amount of ink solution: adjust the inking amount 1 eight fold, color color. Color printing pressure is too large; Solution: increase chromatically printing press 2. Background viscosity is too high; Solution: reduce the base viscosity 3. The background of ink drying too slow; Solution: to speed up the four color ink drying speed. The background color slants deep; Solution: change the nine color series, bubble 1. Defoaming ability is insufficient; Solution: add defoaming agent 2. Ink circulation; Solution: increase the ink 3 of circulation. Ink painting in the tube into the air; Solution: avoid backflow tube into 4 in the ink. Ink viscosity is too high; Solution: to reduce ink viscosity, printing surface water mark of 1. Viscosity is overmuch, coating weight; Promotive solution: enhancing reading, to improve the ink volume 2. Excessive dilution ink; Solution: join the thickening agent or the original ink 3. Ink and bad quality solution: replace the quality guaranteed, plastic ink
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