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Printing plant completes the fire prevention and explosion protection measures

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-18
On June 30th, well water in the plastic printing ink manufacturers, yiyang city huanyu suye co. , LTD. , due to the electrical fire accidents, the scene the fire fierce, thick smoke. The company's main plastic woven bag, blown film, such as business, must bring inestimable losses after a fire, fortunately no one was injured. Presses the cause of the fire or explosion is varied, such as membrane electrostatic, workers error, inflammable and explosive materials itself, raw material stacking area is unreasonable and so on. Grace in which of the following is a summary of water-based plastic printing ink manufacturer dangerous areas for fire and explosion prevention measures, should pay more attention to the workshop area for fire and explosion prevention measures: 1, to ban all kindling into workshop; In the workshop 2, recommended as far as possible use explosion-proof electrical; 3, workshop ventilation system can use top to bottom side way avoid organic gathered steam explosion limit; 4, put enough of the printing press operation with fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher cart; Storage area for fire and explosion prevention measures: 1, such as solvent ink printing should be placed inside the containment tray, containment tray should be able to accommodate a single bucket ink volume 1. 1 times the containment tray to have a grounding device. 2, the water-based plastic printing ink manufacturers recommend replacing the environmental protection, combustion of water-based ink production, can not only avoid storing threat, prevent fire explosion, and guaranteeing that the personal safety of production workers. Printing rubber roller for fire and explosion prevention measures: 1, before and after rubber roller have static brush device, static brush is from the film in 3 ~ 5 mm is good; 2, check the static brush every day, and clean or replace in time; 3, the device is equipped with electrostatic equipment to pay special attention to carry rubber roller pressure in the process of start to avoid electrostatic spark; And volume for fire and explosion prevention measures: 1, there are more in the process of volume and buildup of static electricity, need to do to place the static brush of installation and maintenance; 2, also can install humidifier workshop humidity control to eliminate static electricity. Electric cabinet for fire and explosion prevention measures: 1, check the good electric cabinet ventilation fan, ensure good heat dissipation; 2, to do a good job of electrical cabinets dust cleaning.
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