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Printing raw materials rise in price, carton wear light oil temporarily not to raise prices

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-12
En carton wear-resisting light oil in the recent cooperation manufacturer received twice a month of base paper notice of price increases, temporarily can only have a reasonable delivery plan recently order delivery, no delivery plan and unreasonable order will not be able to guarantee, meet the list or not. Recently this period of time, several cooperation cardboard-box factory is trouble for the price increase, increasing the cost of can only be passed on to the downstream customers, according to the grace of carton wear-resisting light oil manufacturers, a senior staff, there are many causes of carton prices. First of all, the north more starts to fall, packaging paper supplies. The second is the weather, making commodities decline in waste paper scrap, waste paper prices remain high. The third is factors such as rising coal prices, the freight is still in digestion. The fourth is 10 - November downstream demand, electricity industry such as power packing paper requirements. Sum up, is the rising costs, supply and demand imbalance exaggerated, and base paper enterprises in order to ensure the customer orders, large price purchasing waste, the paper continue to rise, reaction in packaging base paper prices. Used for carton production base paper rose by about 500 yuan per ton, for mass production of carton manufacturers pressure is very big, so, cannot digest after self can only choose to raise the downstream customers. Prices, in addition to the base paper carton wear-resisting light oil raw material is the trend of rising slightly, but the manufacturer will not raise prices temporarily, for cooperation manufacturers to provide quality, affordable carton glazing oil. Glazing oil is an important material of carton finishing, can strengthen the resistance to water of the cartons, heat resistance and gloss, carton wear light oil has good flow property, abrasion resistance, back to the viscous resistance and dry performance, can promote commodity aesthetic appearance, improve class, effectively attract consumers eye to achieve sales goal.
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