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Problems of waterborne polyurethane coating with fire retardant

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-01
Water-based polyurethane problems mainly has: ( 1) Add flame retardant agent is larger, especially simple flame retardants, and the effect is not obvious, poor stability and dispersion is bad; ( 2) Through the reaction in the flame retardant is introduced in the structure of polyurethane and its dosage is relatively small, good stability, but strict in synthesis process, flame retardant monomer in the polymer distribution uniformity degree, will affect the final flame retardancy. According to some relevant reports, 80% of the fire deaths due to materials produced by the burning smoke and the release of toxic gas and cause suffocation caused by the people, so now the trend of the development of the waterborne polyurethane flame retardant: one is the trend of halogen-free, reduce poisonous gases. The other is a trend of smoke suppression, by adding smoke suppression agent to reduce the amount of smoke, mainly from the following several aspects: ( 1) Development of low adding amount of high phosphorus content, high nitrogen content of efficient halogen free flame retardants, to ensure that the less effect on the properties of ceramic materials, and polyurethane efficient flame retardant performance. ( 2) Development with a variety of flame retardant, flame retardant elements evenly through reaction to play the best effect of flame retardant is introduced into the polymer. ( 3) Use the green environmental protection inorganic nano flame retardants. Adding inorganic nano flame retardants can have the effect of flame retardant association effect, increase the thermal stability of polyurethane matrix, inorganic nano material has smoke suppression function at the same time, can effectively reduce the harmfulness of toxic fumes.
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