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Properties and applications of polyurethane materials

Properties and applications of polyurethane materials


Properties and applications of polyurethane materials

Material property
 (pu for short) is divided into:
Pouring polyurethane elastomer (CPU for short) is one of the most widely used polyurethane elastomers with the largest yield.
Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) -- thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer accounts for about 25% of the total amount of polyurethane.Mixed polyurethane elastomer (MPU) - accounts for about 10% of the total amount of polyurethane elastomers.
TPU material has the hardness and high mechanical strength similar to ordinary thermoplastics, and can be produced by plastic processing. At the same time, it has the elongation, resilience, and deformation recovery properties of ordinary elastomers.Utilizing the high tensile strength and elongation at break of TPUR, especially excellent tear resistance, flexibility and abrasion resistance, various abrasion resistance used in many fields such as automobile, footwear industry, electrical appliances, sports and sports can be prepared , Shock absorption and other components.
Mechanical property
This material is suitable for working in the harsh environment of long-term load and has excellent wear resistance.
Heat-resistant quality
The heat resistance of this material is not outstanding. It only allows long-term exposure to a working environment below 80 ° C. Soft and medium hardness TPU can be exposed to 100 ° C for a short time. High hardness grades can be 120 ° C Short-time work in temperature environment.TPU has excellent low temperature performance and high chemical properties.
Chemical properties
Because it is mainly composed of direct-linked chemical bonds, it has a poor ability to resist the erosion of external media. Therefore, it has poor resistance to acids and alkalis, and has a large swelling property for automotive oil products containing ethanol. Oil and ester media have better resistance.
Weather resistance
Generally, TPU has good weather resistance. Although it will slightly turn yellow under long-term sunlight, the performance of the material will not be affected much.Generally, UV absorbers are used in the formulations of TPU products for outdoor applications. Sometimes, when conditions permit, carbon black pigments can be added to effectively absorb or block ultraviolet rays and increase the service life of materials.

The disadvantage of this type of rubber is that it is not as good as CPU in oil resistance, heat resistance and mechanical properties.

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