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PUR hot melt adhesive can also use it did not give out a PUR adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-26
On the PUR hot melt adhesive, an unused, can also use the afternoon or tomorrow? This is a lot of customers will be asked questions. Small make up today, such as finishing as follows: pur hot melt adhesive and ordinary EVA hot melt adhesive is different natures of the glue, pur hot melt adhesive are stored in sealed, can't contact with air, chemical reaction happens when exposed to air, will not be able to use. Ordinary Eva hot melt adhesive can be exposed to air, storage only need to avoid falling into impurities and dust. Two kinds of glue to use hot melt adhesive machine is also different, pur hot melt adhesive machine dedicated to the use of pur hot melt glue, when to use a bucket of pur hot melt glue, how to save to the next use is a very important problem. Pur hot melt adhesive machine performance is stable, spray adhesive without drawing without air bubbles, save the glue is simple, the equipment after use a small amount of high temperature oil seal rubber mouth, can save 10 - 15 days. Residual glue line to be used again when clean. Usually stored in a cool, dry conditions, PUR hot melt adhesive can be stored in the original packaging intact 1 year is not bad, but open after use in closed position TPUR hot melt adhesive can save about three months or so. Suggest that after the package is open, should immediately use and use up as soon as possible. Should choose according to different device that matches the PUR hot melt adhesive, choose steel drum filling PUR hot melt adhesive ( Such as 20 kg) , the quality is relatively better than in bulk grain. PUR hot melt adhesive one-time useless over, still can use? A few days ago have met a customer ask a little rubber o 'clock in the morning the xiang the PUR hot melt adhesive, to work in when the needle stuck in the afternoon, asking what's going on? Small make up to help you solve: first of all know PUR reactive hot melt adhesive curing principle, it is through moisture curing at room temperature, and will not in melting after curing. So turn it off after using it for a period of time in the morning and needles are the glue on the affirmation of curing, between the long point inside the cylinder will cure, of course, we may not be able to use. PUR hot melt adhesive using principle: open it out within 24 hours, as far as possible not to heat for more than 6 hours, with a glue heating don't repeat three times. So unused in the morning, noon to rest, afternoon how or move? 1. PUR hot melt glue in the morning without points out, do not close, glue must be kept open preheating glue, to 80 ℃ heat preservation of PUR hot melt glue, to ensure the PUR hot melt adhesive is not cooling, can continue to use this afternoon. 2. Can turn it off, afternoon in the needle after use, let it out a little first before using the glue, to ensure the normal use. 3. If time long enough, as far as possible use plugged up export, don't let into the air to make export sizy solidify, kaifeng had glue, of course, try to run out within 24 hours. PUR hot melt adhesive should be stored in dry, cool place to store. Avoid sun exposure, on steam, water and alcohol solvent. Normally for 12 months shelf life.
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