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PUR hot melt adhesive curing principle PUR adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-25
Hot melt adhesive curing means has two kinds, one kind is by heat curing, another is by moisture curing reaction, a way of curing after the hot melt adhesive has a distinguished name, called PUR hot melt adhesive. Heat curing is easy to understand, because each object has its own melting point and freezing point, different objects will be different, so the heat curing of hot melt adhesive curing principle is the freezing point temperature reached it, and then from the paste into a solidification condition. And PUR hot melt adhesive in is through the reaction of moisture curing, also can saying is the water molecules. Will produce carbon dioxide. Through the reaction becomes solid in heat resistance, low temperature resistance has a very good performance. By means of moisture curing reaction also let so many such products can also use it as can bear high temperature adhesive, the scope of the diffusion bonding material to the lift now, leather, wood, ceramic and so on special not high temperature resistant material and smooth surface materials such as plastic, glass, metal. PUR hot melt adhesive by moisture curable, but in the process of sizing is need to preheat syringes, preheating can increase the fluid properties of colloid, to extend the glue contact area has a very good effect, the expansion of contact area can increase the contact area of glue and moisture, reduce the curing time, still can increase the bonding strength after curing. After preheating, of course, also can avoid the phenomenon of cylinder block and reduce sizing cost time. PUR hot melt adhesive is a type of structural adhesive moisture, the product under normal temperature for the solid objects. By moisture curing with high initial adhesive strength, has the best strength after 24 h. Used in narrow bezel mobile phones, no frame, flexible curved surface screen mobile phone box in TP and adhesive. It has excellent bonding properties, through various tests. And has easy to disassemble, no damage to the material. Product features: 95% solids. Medium viscosity, easy to glue. Viscous fluid at the beginning of good, fast positioning. Apply to G + G + G F OLED and LCD in TP panel and frame of adhesive. Good weather resistance, solvent resistance. Resistance to high and low temperature performance. ( - 40℃~80℃) Specifically, PUR hot melt adhesive moisture curing principle is as follows: PUR hot melt adhesive, the adhesive heating molten fluid, coated in glued base material surface, the two glued laminating, colloid at the beginning of cooling rapidly generating viscous force positioning effects ( Physical curing) ; The colloid and the moisture in the air or glued trace moisture of base material continues to function, chemical crosslinking reaction, chain extender ( Chemical curing) 。 After the crosslinking reaction polymer with high cohesion, once cured, then show special waterproof, high resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and weatherability.
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