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PUR hot melt adhesive to use PUR glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-26
1, the storage conditions: PUR hot melt adhesive storage temperature 8 ~ 22 ℃ and preserved in dark, dry place, avoid air humidity. Do not use damaged packaging of products. 2, PUR hot melt glue before use: 1) PUR glue before use, it is necessary to check the state of vacuum packing is in good condition, do not leak in. 2) Glue back to room temperature before using; 3) Preheating: glue without tearing to aluminum foil under the conditions of preheat ( Generally 5 ~ 15 minutes) , it can also be put in the oven for the packing sound glue preheating, suggested control temperature 100 ℃; 4) After preheating, the PUR glue glue at the end of the hose at the top and scab pick, after the glue can be used; 5) Cleared by bonding parts surface oil, dirt, paint, mold release agents and oxide layer bonding material, to ensure that the adhesive surface dry. 3, dispensing: 1) PUR hot melt adhesive dispensing with temperature and pressure varies due to the project, the specific consulting KY technical personnel; 2) Should as far as possible using stainless steel needle, the needle mouth diameter depending on the specific project; 3) Before installing the needle mouth, please get rid of a small amount of glue, to ensure that the PUR hot melt adhesive can be used normally; 4) The length of the needle mouth exposed on the outside of the heater should be not more than 3 mm. Warm prompt: it is recommended that generally not more than 4 hours continuously heating time, heating with a hose don't repeat three times, if the heating time is long can make the hose at the back of the crust, at this time can Pierce the crust in order to reduce the pressure of sealant. 4, the assembly pressure: in the sizing temperature PUR01 besmear to be adhesive parts surface; After determine the good is the location of the binding site, in the open time to press the two parts be glued together, completed a preliminary bonding.
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