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Pur hot melt bond skin how to deal with pur glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-20
I believe a lot of friends in the use of PUR hot melt adhesive will be met when the crust this problem, when faced with PUR hot melt bond skin what phenomenon is as follows: 1, PUR crust has occurred after the reaction, this is PUR hot melt adhesive meets the air after the inherent characteristics, when the surface of the crust will stop after once into degrees, which can protect the internal of the colloid. 2, when the crust to melt, we use our conventional melt temperature cannot be dissolved, the glue did not JiaoPai out all lead to row, this time we need to turn the temperature is higher, Usually does not exceed 170 degrees) Continue to melt 10 to 30 minutes, skinning clean-up pail, need with good heat when cleaning gloves to avoid burns. 3, if the crust is only local in the row of plastic bags when granular plastic, or rubber is not smooth, sometimes this is due to the glue is part of the crust is pumped into the glue or a glue pump form, then we can increase in flow line for a moment, if there were no need to improve the pail to clean up.
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