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PVD nano coating -DLC coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-14

'DLC' in English 'DIAMOND - An abbreviation for LIKE CARBON '. DLC is composed of carbon element, similar in nature and diamonds, and graphite atomic structure of matter. (diamond-like films DLC) Is a kind of amorphous thin film, due to the high hardness and high elastic modulus, low friction coefficient, wear resistance and good vacuum tribological properties, very suitable for as a wear resistant coating, thus friction caused the attention of the academia. There were many methods to prepare DLC film, used in the preparation methods of different carbon sources and reach the surface of the substrate ion energy, deposition of the structure and properties of DLC film there was a big difference, tribology performance is not the same. DLC coating has good lubrication and high hardness characteristics, so as to improve the performance of mould, prolong the service life of mould, prolong maintenance cycle, improve the mould parting ability, reduce the injection molding process time, reduce the manufacturing cost. Diamond-like coating DLC is a low friction coefficient, high wear resistance of solid self lubricating film layer. The typical application of DLC coating: 1) Cutting tools, drills, milling cutter, carbide insert ( Processing of non-ferrous metals) 2) Metal materials forming die, punch, concave die, fine blanking, stamping molding part 3) Molding: the mould cavity and core, plunger, and all kinds of insert 4) Engine parts, valve, piston pin, rod, piston 5) Other parts: shaft, gears, bearings, CAM, etc                                

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