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Qinghai authorized price pressure sensitive adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-23
Qinghai authorization pressure sensitive adhesive prices qinghai authorization pressure sensitive adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive composition of 3. Emulsion viscosity with the method of rolling ball test. Specifically, PUR hot melt adhesive moisture curing principle is as follows: silk screen printing ink is a bit thick, and in addition to dry, color can't own curing down, need check equipment, and the curing time is can change with the thickness of the ink. PUR hot melt adhesive, the adhesive heating molten fluid, coated in glued base material surface, the two glued laminating, colloid at the beginning of cooling rapidly generating viscous force positioning effects ( Physical curing) ; The colloid and the moisture in the air or glued trace moisture of base material continues to function, chemical crosslinking reaction, chain extender ( Chemical curing) 。 After the crosslinking reaction polymer with high cohesion, once cured, then show special waterproof, high resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and weatherability. TPU plastic raw material and nozzle: raw material is directly never drawn out from inside the oil processing, shuikou is after a high temperature molding plastics, raw materials of chemical stable performance and physical performance is good, the nozzle of the physical is much less than the raw material, easy to brittle, is easy to crack, toughness is far less than the raw material, its forming the more times its expected more brittle. Relatively thin ink, using time is shorter and thicker ink, will takes long problems. Hot melt glue gun is frequently used tool, especially when decorating a room. Commonly used in material coating purposes. Have precise effect of open circuit, a variety of nozzle, can satisfy different requirements, the unique design of filter for cleaning and other characteristics, widely used. The innovation provides a simple and effective method of keep the taste and quality. A variety of usage of hot melt adhesive, the life of a hidden artifact hangers skid would clothes? Phone line fault is not willing to throw? The blade naked too? The closet door shutting too big? Now the life need a glue gun can be all done! Don't let hot melt glue gun idle, let it go and live to Duan Junzi glue. Beverage purification of an innovation is to use food to purify silicon Sylopute to remove harmful substances from the food. And authorization of qinghai pressure sensitive adhesive price belongs to water-soluble adhesives, non-toxic, without excitant odor. From the point of using difference, offset printing ink seems to be more simple, in paper printing, without the assistance from external machine, can do it with the wind, and the ink printed on paper is very thin. After 12, changing the pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive, must wait for pur hot melt adhesive machine heating at least 20 minutes before start the pump and motor, such as immediately start the pump and motor can cause polyurethane gear pump damage, reduce the service life of pur hot melt glue machine. Into the glue guns opened the package, in the packing of the hot melt glue guns tend to have a little support, the small bracket installation in gun two holes on the surface of the whole. With bracket live hot melt glue gun, so will not spoil the table. Crosslinking type pressure sensitive adhesive with good bonding strength, particularly suitable for making permanent pressure-sensitive labels. Qinghai authorized price pressure sensitive adhesive
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