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Reasons of the poor water spray adhesive viscosity at the beginning of water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-29
Many manufacturers often appear after spray water spray adhesive, non-stick, workers need a lot of rework, delay the progress of the work, this kind of situation usually has the following several reasons: 1, the water spray adhesive volatile too fast or too slow, lead to don't glue stick to. Added catalyst to accelerate the glue formula of solvent evaporation, without foundation construction details and adjust the water spray adhesive formulation problems. Recommended measures: adjusting glue volatilization speed or change the construction technology. 2, construction environment temperature is too low, also can affect water spray adhesive tack, lead to don't glue stick to. Recommended measures: adjusting the temperature of the construction and replacement of low temperature resistant varieties of water-based glue to the construction. 3, spray gun, air pipe water. Spray gun pouring out of glue and water in a spray gun fuses in together, thus affect the viscosity of glue. 4, after each use spray gun, all want to discharge water of air compressor in time, in order to use next time.
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