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Relative humidity of mucilage printing fabrics adhesion resistance

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-17
Place combination sample in 5 kpa pressure, temperature, 45 ℃ under the condition of placing time 24 h, the test under the condition of different relative humidity of mucilage printing fabric adhesive, as shown in the figure below. When the relative humidity changes from low to high, mucilage printing fabric adhesive from without or mild to severe loss, therefore, wet degree is a significant influence on adhesion of printed fabric. Mainly printing of mucilage glue the main raw material is polyacrylate or polyurethane, decided the characteristics of the resin to choose a hard resin, sticky problems can be solved, but the adhesion strength decline is serious, if add sticky attach force, must choose soft resin, but the soft resin is easy to stick, especially in the air humidity is bigger. From table 4 shows that when the relative humidity of 65%, have appeared on the # 5 sample printed slightly off, the relative humidity of 80%, 2 #, 3 #, 4 # sample are also printed slightly off, combined with the actual operation, and the current existing test methods, both wet sample and test condition, think 65% relative humidity, closer to consumers in the use of the humidity in the process of wearing. Taken together, will be set at 65% relative humidity is quite reasonable. Conclusion: 1. The temperature of the test of mucilage printing fabrics adhesion sex determination of the influence is bigger, mucilage printing fabrics adhesion sex less sensitive to pressure. 2. Because the resin is easily to stick, the impact of relative humidity on the adhesion of printing fabrics are more significant. 3. Mucilage printing fabrics adhesion sex determination conditions were determined as follows: temperature 45 ℃, relative humidity 65%, time of 24 h, 5 kpa pressure.
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